Supplier requirements

Danfoss aims at developing long-term relationship with key suppliers to enhance business opportunities.

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Partners in Quality

We expect our suppliers to uphold world-class standards in their quality systems and control to ensure:

  • Compliance with IATF 16949 expectations
  • Move towards a Zero defect mindset and systematic failure detection

Danfoss constantly strives for ways to make our production as efficient as possible and to ensure that our products are in line with the customers’ highest expectations.

Danfoss Sustainability Ambition

Danfoss’ impact and contribution towards mitigating climate change and building a better future are two-fold – through the solutions we sell and how we run our business. We believe that having solid sustainability initiatives and clear roadmaps will be the “license to sell” in the near future. This goes for climate mitigation and resource consumption as well as for human rights and people management.

Our ESG Targets

Why is sustainability important for you as a supplier to Danfoss?

  • You contribute to the success of your customers and future-proof your business for the long term
  • You save energy and cost and contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all
  • You become more resilient against increasing regulatory requirements
  • Your business attracts and retains the right talents and investments

Our suppliers must offer

  • Technological standards corresponding to the requirements of advanced and highly automated production
  • A global presence and orientation to meet our logistical needs
  • Innovative solutions to products and production
  • Strong logistic capabilities
  • High-quality products and services
  • Competitive pricing practices
  • Ambitious plans to reduce their carbon emissions from operations and products (scope 1, 2, and 3)
  • Products compliant with Danfoss’ Negative List and applicable statutory requirements

Supplier requirements

We require our suppliers to meet our standards in business practices, environmental requirements, and labor welfare.

Become a supplier to Danfoss

Fill in our supplier application form and return it to Danfoss Procurement.


Ensuring responsible supplier management
The Danfoss Code of Conduct for Suppliers defines our environmental and social requirements. All suppliers are required to sign the Code of Conduct, and we perform regular supplier audits to verify compliance. Supplier risk assessment forms the basis for measures taken with the individual supplier. The risk assessment model includes the location of the supplier, which ensures that the highest priority is given to suppliers in the areas that pose the greatest risk of non-compliance.

Danfoss Procurement has dedicated specialists to handle supplier assessment. They ensure that the entire supply chain complies with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.

Danfoss Code of Conduct v. 7.3 - English version

Contractors performing work at a Danfoss site must comply with our safety requirements, summarized in the document below. We expect that contractors are familiar with our requirements before entering a Danfoss location.

Safety Requirements for External Parties - English version
Safety Requirements for External Parties - Danish version
Safety Requirements for External Parties - Italian version
Safety Requirements for External Parties - French version

Supply Network Collaboration (SNC), Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS), Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) and Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) is a web-based collaboration platform through which we can provide our direct material suppliers with order and forecasting information.  

The platform enables our suppliers to access our orders, Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN), Evaluated Receipts Settlements (ERS), goods receipt dates as well as purchase order history.