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Farmers and contractors need tractors that are faster, more precise and easy to operator. This will help to maximize their profits and retain a sustainable business. To achieve this, auto-guided steering has been proven to increase the crop yield by 6% compared to conventional steering.

Danfoss not only provides the electro-hydraulic steering units for auto-guidance. But also offers advanced hitch control solutions, valves, pumps and displays matching the needs of a modern agricultural tractor.

Our broad variety of sensors help monitor the condition of the tractor’s brakes, filter and oil reservoirs. This provides feedback to the fan drive system, hitch control system and power management system.

Related products

  • DP700 series
    DP700 series
    DP700 series with 7.0” TFT color rugged displays. User-programmable with PLUS+1® GUIDE Vector-Based Screen Editor (VBSE) for fast display development. Available with two camera inputs.
  • Series 45 open circuit axial piston pumps
    Series 45 open circuit axial piston pumps
    Series 45 open circuit axial piston pumps are available in a wide range of displacements, from 25cc to 147cc with continuous pressures up to 310 bar, to fit a broad variety of applications and needs.
  • Product photo of the MBS 1200 series by Danfoss
    MBS 1200 series, OEM pressure transmitters for industrial applications
    The compact OEM pressure transmitter MBS 1200 is designed for use in almost all industrial applications, and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions.
  • Product photo of the new industrial position sensor by Danfoss
    Position sensors
    Danfoss is taking functional safety to the next level with a full program of state-of-the-art rotary position sensors, wire position sensors, and inclination sensors. All three sensor types are produced according to PL d (EN ISO 13849-1:2015), making the complete portfolio suitable for safety-critical applications.
  • OSPE
    Electrohydraulic steering valve with functional safety standard SIL 2, performance level d, smart steering.

Related applications

  • The brake light on large, red farming/construction machine representing Danfoss hydraulic sensors for brake lights
    Brake light
    Brake lights serve an important function as they warn the driver behind that your vehicle is slowing down. Danfoss offers a wide range of sensors and switches for brake lights in mobile hydraulics.
  • Danfoss hydraulic sensors for exhaust gas recycling
    Exhaust gas recycling
    The recirculation of exhaust gas reduces emissions, helping you comply with Tier IV regulations. Danfoss temperature sensors help your system quickly react to temperature changes and are suitable for a wide temperature range.
  • Hitch Control - Danfoss
    Sensors for hitch control
    When mounted on the hitch control valve, Danfoss pressure transmitters can help reduce energy consumption and improve the performance of your tractor.

Related solutions

  • Auto-guided steering system
    Auto-guided steering system
    To remain competitive in today’s agricultural equipment market, OEMs are offering satellite-based, automatic steering solutions.
  • Fan drives
    Fan drives
    Optimize fan drive solutions with the Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM) and the new Series 45 Fan Drive Control (FDC). The RDM is a breakthrough in technological innovation and engineering.
  • Hitch control
    Hitch control
    When you partner with Danfoss, you get hitch control solutions that are easily incorporated into production. Helping to make your machines more competitive by enhancing the safety, comfort and productivity of your customers.
  • Quick steering
    Quick steering
    The ability to customize a machine’s steering ratio gives operators added precision while keeping them in ultimate control. At Danfoss, we call this dynamic steering ratio adjustment “quick steering.”

Case studies

  • Active damping
    Active damping
    We have worked with our customers to develop a new way of quantifying comfort into the development of our new generation of active damping system for hitch control.