Active damping

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Agricultural machines can always be more comfortable

But how do you measure comfort?
That’s a good question, especially as the market continues to demand better comfort for tractor operators.

At Danfoss Power Solutions, we have worked with one of our major OEM customers to develop a new way of quantifying comfort. The results have gone into the development of our new generation of active damping system for hitch control.

Until now, OEMs have used ISO 2631-1 as the standard for evaluating ride comfort. The drawback is that it does not capture the effect of pitching vibration damping. 

Our approach sets a new standard. For the first time, it is possible to compare different strategies – and levels of ride comfort – when developing solutions for damping of pitching vibrations. During the development of the new control scheme for our active damping solution, we used the ISO 5008 smooth track. This showed a 30% improvement in ride comfort.

The findings were presented at VDI Land.Technik Tagung in Cologne, Germany on November 22-23 2016.

Download the VDI paper