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Automated control

Danfoss hitch control solutions provide automated control over the implements a machine is pulling or pushing. Eliminate the need to manually adjust the hitch. The adjustments compensate for unexpected changes in ground conditions without the operator having to leave his seat. This helps keep operators safe and gives them precise control for optimized machine performance.

Hitch control solutions also help reduce implement movement during transport. Making the transport more comfortable for the driver and decreasing wear on the implement.

When you partner with Danfoss, you get hitch control solutions that are easily incorporated into production, and help make your machines more competitive by enhancing the safety, comfort and productivity of your customers.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Application guide Hitch Control System Description English Multiple 12 Mar, 2020 2.5 MB .pdf
User guide PVG 32 Metric Ports Technical Information English Multiple 09 Mar, 2015 3.1 MB .pdf

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Case studies

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    Active damping

    We have worked with our customers to develop a new way of quantifying comfort into the development of our new generation of active damping system for hitch control.