Electronic torque limiting control

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Fuel efficiency and productivity

The Danfoss Series 45 pressure compensated/load sensing (PCLS) pump with electronic torque limiting (ETL) control proactively and automatically maximizes system pressure in milliseconds for the available engine torque while preventing stalls. This total solution offers a way to differentiate your product through improved ease of use, fuel efficiency and productivity.

The Danfoss ETL control delivers proven benefits:

Increase productivity up to 22% over alternative torque controls

Move up to 34% more material per gallon/liter of fuel

Increase fuel efficiency by up to 16%


We’ve engineered this great leap forward in pump technology in a way that allows for rapid prototyping, exceptional flexibility and ease of installation. This dramatically reduces your time to market, and can give your products a competitive advantage as others scramble to catch up.


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Data sheet Series 45 Axial Piston Open Circuit Pump ETL Control Data Sheet English Multiple 31 Jan, 2019 1.7 MB .pdf

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