Quick steering

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Quick steering

Quick steering

When operating a mobile machine such as a tractor, wheel loader, or telehandler, steering
during work functions requires precise maneuvering.

Fine-tune steering performance

The ability to customize a machine’s steering ratio gives operators added precision while keeping them in ultimate control. At Danfoss, we call this dynamic steering ratio adjustment “quick steering.”

Together with the PVED-CLS digital actuator and SASA steering sensor, the Danfoss OSPE or EHi steering valves enable you to fine-tune steering performance. The PVED-CLS actuator incorporates steering software that has been optimized for machines used in agriculture and construction, while the SASA steering sensor is used to detect the absolute position and speed of the steering wheel.

With this system, you can adjust the number of times the steering wheel is turned to adapt steering performance to suit specific working requirements or on-road driving conditions: two turns lock-to-lock for accurate, high-speed driving, and seven turns lock-to-lock for precise, stand-still or slow speed maneuverability.

It’s also possible to adjust the steering ratio automatically, dependent on the speed of the vehicle. The result is a no-compromise solution that not only provides additional flexibility in vehicle system design, but also helps reduce work-related fatigue to improve operator productivity.

Features and benefits


  • Complete system solution
  • Reduced design complexity
  • Pre-programmed steering settings


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved comfort
  • Seamless and smooth transition while changing vehicle speed
Complete steering system solutions

Complete steering system solutions

A comprehensive Danfoss steering subsystem solutions overview, including great insights on key applications.

Related solutions

Tools and apps

Electrohydraulic Steering Knowledge Centre

Electrohydraulic Steering Knowledge Centre

A set of information and tools that will help you design and configure your electrohydraulic steering system with Danfoss.

Product range


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    New electrohydraulic Steering knowledge center
    Tuesday, September 22, 2020

    Danfoss Electrohydraulic Steering made easy. An online platform with free digital tools and resources to get faster configurations for your electrohydraulic steering system solutions.

Case studies

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    Improving operator comfort and productivity

    At Danfoss, we’re partnering with our OEM customers and distributors to reinvent how operators interact with machines. This helps increasing productivity and comfort.

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    Electrohydraulic steering evolution

    Danfoss has optimized the new generation of electrohydraulic steering. We added new features for intelligence and safety for better user experience. Furthermore, new products are underway to further meet our customers’ demands and improve comfort and safety.