Four-wheel steering

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Maximize efficiency

The advanced technology in today’s machines allows customers to maximize efficiency. As well as get more done without the need to purchase additional equipment. Four-wheel steering is one example of how Danfoss is at the forefront of machine versatility. This is to help customers get the most out of their equipment. This electrohydraulic steering system allows operators to manually adjust the steering mode to best match machine performance to the task at hand.

The system utilizes two PVED-CLS actuators that interface directly, ensuring the rear axle knows precisely when and how much to turn. Danfoss PVED-CLS actuators are the first intelligent steering sub-systems to integrate all safety functionality into the valve. This is helping you get to market faster.

By integrating the Danfoss four-wheel steering solution, operators have a new way to control their machine. Sprayer operators, for example, can eliminate the tracks from the rear wheels, reducing the vehicle’s footprint to maximize crop yields. Wheel loader and telehandler operators can crab steer down a fence line to more efficiently feed livestock. In road building, four-wheel steering minimizes the number of passes required by compactor operators, reducing fuel use and emissions. As well as, increasing productivity and eliminating the need to purchase additional machines.

To find the right four-wheel steering solution for you, visit one of our global Application Development Centers. Using a variety of real-world testing conditions, our engineers will work with you. They help to test, refine and implement the best solution for your specific applications.

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