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Danfoss Flex-Steer™ steer-by-wire technology allows you to remove the steering column. Replace the traditional steering wheel with smaller steering input devices such as joystick or electric steering wheel.

Rethink your vision

Fail-safe steering is a critical requirement on mobile machines. We have made it easy for you to fulfill it by integrating safety functionality in the design of our intelligent steering subsystem. Steer-by-wire technology allows to rethink operator stations. Allowing for much more design flexibility in the cab as well and on the vehicle. The Flex-Steer™ sub-system is developed to fit many different applications for both new vehicles and existing market. The Flex-Steer™steer-by-wire technology also allows for flexible operator stations, such as those used on asphalt compactors where the workstation is rotated 180˚.

Flex-Steer™ controls process operator input into proper command signals, customizable for various levels of operator experience. These result in maximum productivity from every operator. Inexperienced operators tend to make quick, exaggerated joystick movements. Which with conventional controls, can cause stalling or result in erratic, non-productive machine behavior. Working with engineers at our global Application Development Centers, you can develop Steer-by-wire controls. These can process novice operator input into proper command signals. So, even too-fast, too-far steering movements deliver smoother, more productive results.

Flex-Steer™ benefits


  • Rotating driving seat
  • New cabin design and position
  • Component repositioning
  • Optimized installation
  • Faster time to market


  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Improved visibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Better handling and control
  • Reduced cabin noise

Feel the road without mechanical link

The loss of road feel is caused by the absence of the steering column. This normally strongly influences the driver's directional intentions. Now this is recreated by a feedback actuator. With our modular product architecture, you get a system that’s scalable and will fit into a wide range of applications. With fail-safe steer-by-wire technology, the safety approval process is made easier, too. All Danfoss safe electrohydraulic steering systems are certified for functional safety. That means your vehicle can get to market faster. There it can successfully compete and do the work it was meant to do.

Complete steering system solutions

Complete steering system solutions

A comprehensive Danfoss steering subsystem solutions overview, including great insights on key applications.

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Electrohydraulic Steering Knowledge Centre

Electrohydraulic Steering Knowledge Centre

A set of information and tools that will help you design and configure your electrohydraulic steering system with Danfoss.

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