ERC 11x

The ERC 11x is a multipurpose refrigeration controller that includes temperature and defrost management. The ERC improves energy efficiency to reduce the total cost of ownership and help meet the requirements of today´s advanced commercial refrigeration applications.

The ERC11x is perfect for high-volume food service equipment, such as bottle coolers, commercial refrigerators and freezers, and beer coolers.

The ERC11x with Danfoss ECO™ functionality includes new energy saving features, such as "early wake-up", "adaptive defrost", and "automatic fan control". The new ERC allows you to automate the cabinet with a wide range of sensors, such as movement sensor detection, door opening frequency, and ambient light to enable additional energy savings.   

ERC 21x

The ERC 21x is a general purpose electronic refrigeration controller that offers simple, yet highly reliable, temperature and defrost management of almost any commercial refrigeration applications, especially for cold rooms or low-volume food service equipment. 

Installation has never been easier. The ERC series comes with pre-installed programs for typical applications and is compatible with a wide range of sensor types. All you have to do on startup is enter the type of sensor and the type of application.

With ERC 21x you will achieve high energy efficiency and outstanding safety and reliability. It comes with on-demand defrost function and built-in smart evaporator fan management. To protect the compressor, the controller is supplied with zero-cross switching technology and voltage protection.

Introducing the new generation of ERC - Danfoss

Introducing the new generation of ERC

The ERC refrigeration controls are perfect for bottle coolers, stainless steel fridges and freezers, beer coolers, light supermarket applications and many others.

Features and benefits

ERC11x: complete, integrated, intelligent control ready for GPRS connectivity; provides substantial energy savings, improved reliability and high user satisfaction with low management costs

ERC21x: safe and reliable operation, easy to use – easy to install, universal pre-installed applications, long service life, attractive design, easy to clean, competitive price, multi-sensor support for increased accuracy; provides HACCP temperature monitoring in compliance with EN13485 Class I.

Application development centers - Danfoss

Application development centers

Partner up with us to prepare for the future. At our global application development centers we offer a collaborative environment with expert support and state-of-the-art test facilities for refrigeration and air conditioning.

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