DCV directional control valves

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High performance

Reliability, robustness and efficiency are a must when choosing the right valve solution for your machine. But sometimes you can meet your performance needs with a lighter weight alternative.

That’s when the DCV directional control valves are likely to be your best choice.

Product range

  • ECO 80 directional control valves
    ECO 80 directional control valves

    With our modular ECO 80 valves, you can expect all the benefits of our proven PVG valve technology at a level of quality and performance that won’t let you down.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet Directional Control Valve ECO 80 LS Data Sheet Chinese (CN) China 25 Oct, 2016 2.1 MB .pdf
User guide ECO 80 Directional Control Valve Technical Information Chinese (CN) China 03 Mar, 2018 6.6 MB .pdf
User guide ECO 80 Directional Control Valve Technical Information English Multiple 17 Sep, 2020 5.8 MB .pdf
User guide ECO 80 Directional Control Valve Technical Information English Multiple 19 Aug, 2019 6.5 MB .pdf
Data sheet ECO 80 LS Directional Control Valve Data Sheet English Multiple 22 Sep, 2016 425.7 KB .pdf
Service guide ECO 80 Service and Parts Manual English Multiple 19 Dec, 2019 8.4 MB .pdf

Related products

  • PVG 16 proportional valve
    PVG 16 proportional valves

    Low-flow PVG 16 covers simple to complex needs. Proven technology and components for customized valve stacks.

  • PVG 32 proportional valves
    PVG 32 proportional valves

    PVG 32 is designed for maximum flexibility configurable as an advanced electrically controlled proportional valve. As well as a load sensing directional control valve.

  • PVG 100 proportional valves
    PVG 100 proportional valves

    The flow-sharing technology of the post-compensated, load-sensing PVG 100 is ideal in different systems. Especially in systems where flow demand regularly pushes supply to the limits.

  • PVG 120 proportional valve
    PVG 120 proportional valves

    Load sensing valve suitable for high flow and pressure. The PVG 120 is built to take control.

  • PVG 128/256 proportional valves
    PVG 128/256 proportional valves

    For the most demanding applications, only the highest flow and the highest pressure will do. The PVG 128 and PVG 256 are made for controlling the toughest applications.

Related applications

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  • Construction

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  • Crane and material handling
    Crane and material handling

    Cranes and other large handling machines are required to operate within very specific load ranges. Danfoss provides pressure transmitters that supply load limiting systems with crucial data, safeguarding your equipment, your load, and your operator.

  • Road building
    Road building

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