PVED electrohydraulic actuators

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Certified CAN bus actuators

Get fast, accurate and intelligent operation with our plug and perform PVE actuators – under any operating and environmental conditions.

The portfolio includes more than 50 different versions of our PVE actuators. These are from simple on/off actuators to SIL 2 certified CAN bus actuators. Our PVED CAN bus actuators are designed for J1939/ISOBUS Protocol and CANopen systems.

Machine benefits

Speed up time to market with SIL 2 certified products

A build-in surveillance monitors both the PVEs and the valve performance

Plug and perform capability

Easy setup and installation speeds up time to market

User selectable, progressive flow characteristics in our digital PVED CAN bus actuators

Advanced built-in diagnostic functions

Product features

PVED-CX is SIL 2 certified according to IEC 61508

PVED-CC is PLUS+1® compliant, which enables OEMs to change PVED-CC parameters in the PLUS+1® GUIDE service tool

CANopen protocol (CiA 3.01 and CiA 4.08)

J1939/ISOBUS CAN control

Advanced performance settings

Environmental robustness identical to analog PVE

Power consumption <9W


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet PVED-CC Electrohydraulic Actuator Data Sheet English Multiple 09 Mar, 2015 1.8 MB .pdf
User guide PVED-CC Series 4 Electrohydraulic Actuator Technical Information Manual English Multiple 09 Mar, 2015 6.2 MB .pdf
User guide PVED-CC Series 4 Electrohydraulic Actuator Technical Information Manual Chinese (CN) China 12 Sep, 2018 8.3 MB .pdf

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