PVG 16 proportional valves

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Optimizes productivity

Low-flow PVG 16 covers simple to complex needs. Proven technology and components for customized valve stacks. Benefit from load-sensing functionality made for the low-flow segment. PVG 16 optimizes productivity, lowers total system costs and facilitates fulfillment of emissions and safety regulations. Use with the PVE series 6 actuator for seamless integration in advanced electrohydraulic systems.

Introducing the PVG 48 proportional valve

Designed to easily integrate with the existing Danfoss Power Solutions’ high performance proportional valve platform.

PVE series 6 actuator

Incorporating a microcontroller for closed loop control, PVE series 6 delivers excellent spool control and built-in fault monitoring to the PVG 16. High tolerance towards temperature variations ensures a robust, reliable valve performance in all conditions.

Key applications

PVG 16 targets on a broad range of applications in the mobile machinery market. Typical applications are municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery, small cranes, construction machinery and road building applications.

Lower total system costs - machine benefits

Load-sensing technology for higher efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption, and longer system life

Optimized system architecture and unique machine features due to design flexibility and modular concept

Improved efficiency obtained by precise matching of performance with flow requirements

Reduced cooling and fuel requirements

Low machine downtime supported by high quality products, modular concept and advanced product feedback

Optimized production processes and less inventory due to modular concept and short delivery time

Product features

Flow rating up to 65 l/min [17.2 US gal/min]

Work port pressure up to 400 bar [5,800 psi]

Actuator with integrated float function for increased safety

Actuator with closed loop control for built-in fault monitoring

Symmetrical and asymmetrical spools

Compensator and LS pressure limitation for advanced application requirements

Available with on/off and proportional CAN actuator for simplified machine wiring and bi-directional communication


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet PVG 16 Proportional Valve Data Sheet Chinese (CN) China 10 Mar, 2015 427.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet PVG 16 Proportional Valve Data Sheet English Multiple 10 Mar, 2015 356.1 KB .pdf
User guide PVG 16 proportional valve group technical information English Multiple 18 Mar, 2024 5.5 MB .pdf
User guide PVG 16 Proportional Valve Group Technical Information German Multiple 21 May, 2019 6.0 MB .pdf
User guide PVG 16 Proportional Valve Group Technical Information French France 20 Jan, 2020 7.0 MB .pdf
User guide PVG 16 Proportional Valve Group Technical Information Portuguese Brazil 29 Jun, 2015 8.3 MB .pdf
User guide PVG 16 Proportional Valve Group Technical Information Chinese (CN) Multiple 12 Jul, 2021 6.4 MB .pdf

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