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PVBM – meter-in/meter-out

Get control of return flow with the Danfoss PVBM valve module – the only smartly integrated solution on the market.

Our meter-in/meter-out module, PVBM, is designed to give you outstanding control – independent of positive or negative load.

Features and benefits

Modular PVG 32 concept – enables propel and work functions in one PVG 

One meter-in compensator providing precise and constant flow for uphill driving

Two additional compensators are integrated in the module design allowing for compensated return flow on each port

Smooth braking control for open circuit propel systems

The integrated PVBM solution provides installation benefits

The meter-in/meter-out principle

The principle of meter-in/out relates to controlling the oil flow to and from the motors that drive the machine.

The meter-in compensator controls the flow that is going to the transmission motors

The meter-out compensators control the flow coming from the transmission motors

When using the PVBM to control propel function in an aerial lift application or similar open circuit propel system, the special module design will allow for smooth control of the propel system during uphill (positive load), and downhill driving (negative load).

Target applications

Open circuit propel systems:
Increased performance and installation benefits by combining all your work functions and propel function into one PVG stack.

Winch applications:
Maximum operator control benefit by controlling both the wheel-in and wheel-out speed.


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