Propel Controllers and Software

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Automotive Control Solutions: Your machine designed your way

Building intelligent vehicle control has never been easier with our off-the-shelf propel solutions.  Take advantage of easy, straightforward start-up with dozens of built-in options.  

Our continuously growing family of controllers and software platforms are all configurable within the PLUS+1 Service Tool.

Features and benefits

Parameter Setting and Configurability

  • Compliant with PLUS+1 Service Tool
  • Ready-to-use screens
  • Ease of training and fast learning curve
  • 95% consistency in screen look and feel
  • Available advanced features such as ECO Mode, ePCOR and ePL
  • Support for advanced propel solutions such as SpeedShift, Two-Motor Transmission, and MultiMotor

Diagnostics and Monitoring

  • Quick status understanding
  • Input and output check
  • Internal plausibility check: 100% I/O error detection
  • Fully integrated speed protections on all system components, including the engine

Fast machine start-up

  • Validated software package and pre-configurated parameters (up to 80%) allow start-up in less than five days
  • Complete documentation available, including safety manual

Product range

Related products

Related applications

Related solutions