ET4200 and ET4250 workshop crimping machine

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Supporting smaller braided and spiral hoses

Reliable and versatile ET4200/4250 crimper is ideal for the agriculture aftermarket. The ET4200/4250’s compact construction allows for ergonomic working, while long master dies enable crimping of 90° elbow fittings up to 1¼”.

Features and benefits

Semiautomatic machine for flexible use

Accurate repeatability

Mounted on a workbench or service vehicle

Slide bearing technology

Fixed 6-o’clock die

Large opening

Low noise & ergonomic design

CE compliant, recommended for Europe, Middle- East and Africa

Product range


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
User guide ET4200 Crimper User manual English Multiple 07 Nov, 2022 3.0 MB .pdf
User guide ET4250 Crimper User manual English Multiple 07 Nov, 2022 2.6 MB .pdf
Catalog Tooling products Master catalog EMEA English Multiple 16 Jan, 2023 40.4 MB .pdf

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