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The compact console box 

IK2 is the compact console box from the Ikontrol range. It is specially used in applications that demand up to 4 proportional outputs and 6 auxiliary mechanisms. Machines such as woodchippers, track dumpers and moving platforms benefit from the use of an IK2 on the field.

Features and benefits

The IK2 includes the option of installing 4 auxiliary functions and 2 joysticks or 4 MA70 paddles or 2 Euchner joysticks. 

The IK2 transmitter has a maximum of 8 LEDs and does not bring the opportunity to set up the lanterns. 
The face plate design and the number and disposition of the LEDs is 100% customizable, according to the customer’s requirements.

128 x 64 monochrome LCD for information feedback from receiver. Possibility of pre-alarm and alarm signaling. Analogue and/or digital signal processing in the receiver for information feedback. 

Removable memory card. Quick and easy restoration of service with a spare unit in the event of transmitter or receiver failure. If the transmitter is completely destroyed, the replacement can copy the EEPROM from the receiver. 

The remote can only be used when there is an infrared connection between the infrared transmitter and the radio transmitter. This rules out risk situations caused by activating the remote without a clear and safe view of the machine.

The most compact TANDEM solution. 
A system conformed by a master transmitter (Pushbutton or Console box) which controls by the use of radio signals simultaneously. In a synchronized way the movements of two cranes working in tandem mode.

This technology modifies the power of the radio transmission to minimize battery consumption and interference between nearby pieces of equipment. So, that longer battery life can be provided. Additionally, that continuity of operations between devices in the same working environment can be achieved, respectively. 

Worldwide compatible multi-band radio. Possibility of full-duplex communication.Easily customizable via EEPROM.

2.4 GHz universal frequency band availability.

The LQI (Link Quality Indicator) is a metric that indicates signal quality between the transmitter and the receiver. Three possible quality levels of the link are displayed by means of an icon: low, medium or high. In addition, the icon flashes to warn the user about possible interference. This functionality is available for the whole range of I-KONTROL transmitters (IK2, IK3 and IK4). 

Used to detect an unusual, high transmitter angle. It allows a number of intervention modes: 

  • Activate the transmitter buzzer 
  • Disable all radio remote functions or only those considered necessary

Possibility of working with multiple transmitters and a single receiver. The first device to link up assumes control of the machine. 

On transmitter start-up, the radio remote equipment will automatically look for a free channel. If another user activates a radio remote device on the same working channel, the transmitter can simply be switched off and on again. This is, to find another free channel and allow work to continue. 

For situations requiring the use of two or more independent cranes moving simultaneously. The master transmitters can choose whether to work simultaneously with several receivers or independently with one of them. 

Possibility of working with a single transmitter and multiple receivers at the same time. 

Tether connection between the transmitter and receiver as an alternative to radio connection. In the event that radio control is not permitted or there are no charged batteries, the radio remote can be used with a wired connection between the transmitter and receiver. If a wired connection is used, the transmitter is powered by the receiver. 




Stop function (400 – 900 MHz)

Cat. 3-PLd

Stop function (2.4 GHz)

Cat. 3-PLe

Ingress protection


Anti condensation system

Goretex film

Frequency band

400 – 900 MHz

2.4 GHz

Range (normal conditions)


Main mechanisms (max. #)

Joysticks (2) / Paddles (4)

Auxiliary mechanisms

Pushbutton, toggle and rotary switches

Removable EEPROM


Battery model


Battery life

8 hours

Operating temperature range

-20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)

Weight (with battery)

950 grams

Dimensions L x W x H mm

184 x 173.4 x 158.7


Belt / shoulder strap


128x64 Graphic LCD

LED panel

Yes (up to 8 LEDs)

Tether connector

Yes (M12 connector)

Range limiter


Associated receivers



Transmitter  IK2
Stop function Cat. 3 – PLd 
Ingress protection  IP65/NEMA4 
Anti condensation system  Goretex film 
Frequency band  Multiband (400 – 930 MHz) 
Main mechanisms (max. #) Joysticks (2) / Paddles (4)
Auxiliary mechanisms  Pushbutton, toggle and rotary switches 
Removable EEPROM  External 
Battery model  BT11K 
Battery life 16 h 
Operating temperature range  -20C +70C (-4F +158F) 
Weight (with battery) grams 950
Harness  Belt / shoulder strap
Display  128 x 64 graphic LCD 
Cable connection  Yes (M12 connector) 
Range limiter  Yes 
Associated receivers  R13/R70/MPCAN/MP08/MP20


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet IK2 transmitter data sheet English Multiple 25 Apr, 2024 324.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet IK2 Transmitter Data Sheet Chinese (CN) Multiple 04 Nov, 2020 391.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet IK2 Transmitter Data Sheet Spanish, Castilian Multiple 02 May, 2019 321.6 KB .pdf
User guide IK2 Transmitter User Manual English Multiple 11 May, 2021 4.5 MB .pdf
User guide IK2 Transmitter User Manual Spanish, Castilian Multiple 30 May, 2019 4.3 MB .pdf
Data sheet TM70 and Ikontrol Installation Guide English Multiple 28 Sep, 2021 696.7 KB .pdf

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