Reliable and safe

Upstream Offshore Oil and Gas activities are some of the harshest operating environments on the planet. Making up nearly 30% of global crude oil production.

Drilling in waters up to 3,000 meters deep requires equipment that is reliable and safe. Helping to maximize operating productivity and prevent unexpected downtime.

Danfoss understands only the best will do in Offshore Oil and Gas equipment. Therefore, we are here to help you with your demanding needs.  We won’t let the required product certifications be a barrier to helping you develop the best solution for your equipment.  We can provide you with Hazard Zone certifications including ATEX, IECEX, and others, for many of our products.  Marine certifications from ABS, DNV, and many others are also available. 

Whether you are designing AHC Cranes, Mooring Winches, or Bow Thrusters, Danfoss can help you with designing an optimized hydraulic circuit. Allowing it to perform the work demanded, and flexible software and control packages.  This allows for the best operator experience possible. Our H1 pump and motor products will allow you to lift the heavy loads. PVG valves will ensure you have the finest operating precision possible. These have the ability to actively monitor control faults, and our Plus+1 control package offers best in class software flexibility.

Related products

  • PLUS+1® MC microcontrollers
    PLUS+1® MC microcontrollers

    Our powerful PLUS+1® microcontrollers bring intelligence to every node of a distributed control system. And they are equally effective for stand-alone control in smaller machines.

  • DM430E series
    DM430E series

    The DM430E series display is a modernized 4.3” display platform designed with supreme viewability. Additionally, a variety of programmable backlit button pads and an Engine Information Center application created on the PLUS+1® platform.

  • DP700 series
    DP700 series

    DP700 series with 7.0” TFT color rugged displays. User-programmable with PLUS+1® GUIDE Vector-Based Screen Editor (VBSE) for fast display development. Available with two camera inputs.

  • DP600TM series
    DP600TM series

    DP600TM, DP610TM with 6.5” TFT color rugged displays (both in- and out-of-cab usage). User-programmable with PLUS+1® GUIDE Classic Screen Editor (CSE) for fast display development.

  • DP570 series
    DP570 series

    DP570 model with 5.7” TFT color rugged displays (in-cab usage). User-programmable with PLUS+1® GUIDE Vector-Based Screen Editor (VBSE) for fast display development. Available with or without camera. 

Related applications

  • Onshore oil and gas applications
    Onshore oil and gas applications

    Onshore Oil and Gas activities are making up the majority of the world’s total oil production. These require a great deal of flexibility and scalability.  A variety of oil reserve types onshore equipment needs to be flexible and robust. Due to a typically much greater number of oil wells per reserve than offshore.

Related solutions

  • Enhanced connectivity
    Enhanced connectivity

    With true global remote CAN connection, mobile Web portal access, and localized Wi-Fi capabilities, Danfoss Telematics solutions help ensure that machines — and the businesses they serve — run as efficiently as possible.

  • Remote service
    Remote service

    Danfoss Telematics solutions can update the entire fleet remotely in just minutes.

  • Efficiency management
    Efficiency management

    With Danfoss Telematics solutions, it’s easy to track and monitor the efficiency-related data that can make a difference to profitability. Leading to that managers can make decisions to drive improvement. 

  • Operator safety
    Operator safety

    Operators often work on jobsites under potentially hazardous conditions and in remote, limited-access locations. They can stay better protected with safeguards available through Danfoss Telematics solutions.