Rotary valves

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Danfoss Rotary valves are used in heating systems that include:

  • Boiler applications
  • Solar applications
  • Heat pump applications
  • Mixing and diverting applications
  • Priority control applications

Rotary valves are designed for regulation of flow and temperature in heating system that can accept a certain leakage and where a defined control characteristic is not required.

Danfoss has designed the unique position indicator for easier installation and simple commissioning. The valve position indicators are designed to be viewed from the top or from the side, with or without the actuator mounted. This saves time during installation and commissioning.

Due to the new advanced valve design, Danfoss rotary valves have the lowest leakage in their class. For zero leakage and premium controllability, Danfoss recommends iMCV™ – the new generation of intelligent motorized control valves. iMCV™ includes an anti-oscillation function, tool-free installation, one actuator for DN 15 to 80 and bubble-tight design (no leakage).

Features and benefits

Lowest leakage in class, unique adjustable position indication for faster commissioning and easy installation

AMB actuators are faster, maintenance-free and flexible: the best quality actuators on the market.

100% bullet-proof commissioning with visible valve position indicator

Tools and apps