VACON® 3000 Enclosed Drive

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Ready to run in demanding MV environments

When uptime is everything, this drive gives you reliability you can count on in heavy-duty engineering applications. The VACON® 3000 Enclosed Drive is a modular and configurable cabinet-built drive delivering superior performance, complexity reduction and easy maintenance. When robustness, space and weight are crucial to competitiveness this drive has you covered on all counts.

Ready to run: VACON 3000 Enclosed Drive

For ordinary installation conditions, choose these pre-engineered drives to save time and reduce complexity. You can be sure of robust reliable performance despite high ambient temperatures and tough environments, with IP54/NEMA 3S protection and an innovative integrated cooling system.

Supply voltages and power range

Continuous rating (variable torque)

•3300 V….2430-7030 kVA
•4160 V….2450-7060 kVA

Low overload 110% (constant torque)

•3300 V….2210-6390 kVA
•4160 V….2230-6420 kVA

High overload 150% (constant torque)

•3300 V….1620-4680 kVA
•4160 V….1630-4060 kVA

Features and benefits

Maximize operating uptime with robust design featuring IP54 ingress protection, liquid cooling and full power operation up to 45°C ambient temperature

Speed up engineering and installation with straightforward selection of drive and options, proven quality, very small footprint and simple commissioning process

Easy serviceability with front access and easy exchange phase module

Get equipped for the future with state-of-the-art 3L-NPC topology, AFE (low harmonic) or 12-pulse DFE configuration, modularity based on single-phase modules, Brake Chopper Unit (BCU) option, and other pre-engineered options


The VACON® 3000 portfolio is continually expanding. For detailed technical data and product availability, please contact your local Danfoss medium-voltage specialist.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Brochure Danfoss Drives Fieldbus Solutions English Multiple 16 Feb, 2017 804.4 KB PDF
Fact sheet DrivePro® Remote Expert Support English Multiple 21 Dec, 2018 937.8 KB PDF
Fact sheet DrivePro® Remote Monitoring English Multiple 12 Feb, 2018 769.6 KB PDF
Case story IHC Scheldt River dredger English Multiple 01 Feb, 2020 578.3 KB PDF
Certificate ISO 9001 Drives BV 500F1065en English Multiple 01 Jan, 2019 627.9 KB PDF
Case story Royal IHC Magdalen English Multiple 01 May, 2021 389.2 KB PDF
Application guide VACON_3000_Concept_Paper English Multiple 01 Oct, 2021 3.8 MB PDF
Fact sheet VACON® 3000 Drive Kit English United States 28 May, 2019 793.7 KB PDF
Fact sheet VACON® 3000 Drive Kit English Multiple 01 Jul, 2021 419.7 KB PDF
Operating guide VACON® 3000 Drive Kit Operating Guide English Multiple 29 Nov, 2022 15.6 MB PDF
Brochure VACON® 3000 Drive Kit SG English Multiple 01 Sep, 2021 3.8 MB PDF
Brochure VACON® 3000 Drive Kit SG English United States 01 Sep, 2021 3.9 MB PDF
Fact sheet VACON® 3000 Enclosed Drive English Multiple 01 Jun, 2021 348.8 KB PDF
Brochure VACON® 3000 Enclosed Drive English Multiple 01 Sep, 2021 2.7 MB PDF
Operating guide VACON® 3000 Enclosed Drive OG English Multiple 29 Nov, 2022 15.8 MB PDF
Brochure VACON® 3000 MVP Program English Multiple 30 May, 2017 986.7 KB PDF
Application guide VACON-3000-Application-Guide-DPD01822A English Multiple 01 Sep, 2021 8.1 MB PDF


Type Name Language Updated Version Status Download File type
Fieldbus Firmware VACON® OPT-E3/E5 PROFIBUS DP Firmware 08 May, 2020 009 RL 2.4 MB ZIP
Fieldbus Firmware VACON® OPT-E6 CANopen Firmware 12 Apr, 2022 014 RL 2.5 MB ZIP
Fieldbus Firmware VACON® OPT-E7 DeviceNet Firmware 06 Nov, 2020 007 RL 2.2 MB ZIP
Fieldbus Firmware VACON® OPT-E9 DualPort Ethernet Firmware 21 Aug, 2020 011 RL 7.1 MB ZIP
Fieldbus Firmware VACON® OPT-EC EtherCAT Firmware 12 Aug, 2022 005 RL 2.9 MB ZIP

Related applications

Use VACON® 3000 medium-voltage drives in the heavy industrial sector, which requires performance up to the high megawatt range: ship building, offshore, mining, oil and gas, energy, raw materials, chemical and petrochemical, and cement industries.

Case stories

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    MAGDALEN replenishes U.S. beaches with the power of VACON® 3000 medium-voltage drives

    UNITED STATES: Somewhere off the coast of New Jersey, the Weeks Marine dredge Magdalen removes thousands of tons of sand off the seafloor and loads it into her hopper. The vessel then navigates to a spot where the shoreline was eroded and discharges the sand there, using slurry pumps powered by medium-voltage drives to reclaim a beach that storms had washed away.

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    Royal IHC Scheldt River pioneers new environmental standards in dredging with flexible MV drives

    A Danfoss medium-voltage drive solution boosts an inboard dredge pump and increases energy efficiency with a small footprint, minimum weight and low volume - while being robust enough to withstand the harsh marine environment.