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Industrial pump, ATEX, EX motor

Ensure safe, reliable pump control for more efficiency and lower costs

By controlling industrial pumps with a Danfoss AC drive you can help optimize processes and significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. The AC drive ensures that the pump exactly meets the demand and no more, operating at varying levels of part load instead of at maximum.

Safety is the highest priority in industrial pumping for the chemical industry, other process industries and heavy industries. Danfoss Drives has the knowhow and offering to make it easy for you to comply with regulations, for example, ATEX-certified temperature monitoring for EX motors and compliance to NAMUR recommendations.

Energy optimization and SCADA control of the industrial systems is also a fast-moving trend. By using Danfoss drives’ integrated deragging function, it is possible to improve pump efficiency by 15–30% and also drastically reduce maintenance costs.

Equipment protection

Another high priority in industrial environments is protection of your equipment from harmonics. Harmonics arise as the result of non-linear loads. There are several other sources of harmonics besides AC drives, and we are able to provide recommendation and services related to harmonics analysis and evaluations. Our products include chokes for harmonic reduction, and we offer passive and active solutions for harmonic mitigation.

Find exactly the right drive for your pump

You can find pump control for all your industrial pumping applications, in our wide range of low-voltage AC drives. The portfolio meets your power supply specifications, ranging from a fraction of a kW up to a few MW, and voltages from 230 V up to 690 V. The mounting possibilities cover many different requirements you may have: wall-mounted, modules for panel mounting and standardized enclosures with protection classes for different installation environments. Air- or liquid-cooling options are both available. For front ends, we also have a full range of choices: 6-pulse or 12-pulse rectifiers or active front ends. 

The wide range of standardized enclosed drives offers a comprehensive selection of options for incoming sections as well as motor output. These options include, for example, contactors, fuses, switches and filters for dU/dt, common mode and sine wave. If our pre-engineered solutions don’t meet your requirements, we provide the possibility to tailor our cabinets to ensure we do meet your needs exactly.

Lifecycle services

To further optimize the performance of your industrial pumps, you can make use of our service portfolio, which covers the time before the start-up of equipment as well as the operation and maintenance of the AC drives. Our key services include customer support, engineering, extended warranty, start-up, maintenance, upgrade, spare parts and training. 

30% energy reduction for Yamana Gold

Yamana Gold enjoys 30% energy reduction in energy consumption for its underground ventilation and pumping systems, thanks to VACON® drives.


  • VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202
    VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202

    VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202 controls all types of pumps and comes equipped with a cascade controller.

  • VACON® 100 FLOW
    VACON® 100 FLOW

    Dedicated functionality that improves flow control and saves energy in industrial pump and fan applications.


    Drive modules and enclosed drives that are easily integrated into all major control systems.

  • VACON® NXP Air Cooled
    VACON® NXP Air Cooled

    Designed for a broad range of demanding applications, focusing on higher power sizes and system drives.

  • VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled
    VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled

    Well-suited to applications where air quality is critical, space is limited and efficient heat transfer is required. Active Front-end (NXA), Non-regenerative Front-end (NXN), Brake Chopper (NXB) and Inverter (NXI) configurations are available. 

Case stories

  • AEL Intelligent Blasting cuts energy consumption by 500 kWh per hour
    AEL Intelligent Blasting cuts energy consumption by 500 kWh per hour

    This 720 Mtpd nitric acid plant in South Africa saves 3.6 M Rand annually on operating costs, thanks to VLT® drive control of electric pumps and motors.

  • VLT® Midi Drive for precise actuator control
    VLT® Midi Drive for precise actuator control

    With its compact and temperature-resistant design, the drive integrates easily into actuators from Schiebel Antriebstechnik GmbH, providing high-precision flow control.

  • Italcementi enjoys optimized process performance in all conditions
    Italcementi enjoys optimized process performance in all conditions

    Italcementi chose the VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 to ensure optimized process performance in their harsh environments.

  • 80 kW power savings at Kolomela mine
    80 kW power savings at Kolomela mine

    Back-channel cooling in VLT® AutomationDrives reduces substation heat load enabling use of a smaller air-conditioning system with lower power consumption. 

  • 30% energy reduction for Yamana Gold
    30% energy reduction for Yamana Gold

    VACON® AC drives improve the operation of underground ventilation and pumping systems and cut energy consumption of many application processes.

  • Stable production of critical processes at DINA
    Stable production of critical processes at DINA

    VLT® AutomationDrives ensure precise and exact pressure regulation of one of world’s largest ethylene pumps and lower the chemical plant’s total cost of ownership.

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