The recipe for precise actuator control is VLT® Midi Drive

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
VLT® Midi Drive for precise actuator control

Actuators for the process industry ensure flow is regulated in an accurately controlled manner, even in difficult applications. For actuators from Schiebel Antriebstechnik GmbH, the technology enabling this control is provided by an integrated VLT® Midi Drive FC 280.

While most actuators only have a relatively simple “open-close” functionality, others are significantly more demanding. These require a high degree of accuracy and the ability to control flow in precise, small steps. “Applications for this type of actuator can be found, for example, in gas pipelines or steam conditioning,” explains Stephan Vasiljevic, who is responsible for electrical engineering at Schiebel. This fine process control is realized by means of an AC drive, and this is where Danfoss comes into play. For example, there are stringent demands on the enclosure, since the AC drive is not placed in a switch cabinet, but is integrated directly into the actuator. This in turn means that the heat dissipation must occur without additional cooling. Very few other AC drives on the market have the required compact and robust design. And this is where VLT® Midi Drive excels, delivering exactly the qualities needed for the job.