VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101

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Convenient and compact control for HVAC

Optimized for robust, basic operation of fans, pumps, and compressors, the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive has built-in functions that reduce initial costs and increase productivity. This user-friendly drive is the most compact unit in its class.

  • Integrated DC coils reduce harmonics without the extra cost and space required for external devices
  • VLT® Control Panel LCP 32 makes it easier to program the drive, with a choice of 8 languages in the display

VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 efficiently controls induction and permanent-magnet (PM) motors and can deliver up to 50% energy savings. In fact, the Automatic Energy Optimizer saves 3-5% energy from the second you turn it on. Achieve the lowest cost of ownership with a drive dedicated to ventilation, heating, and refrigeration applications.

Supply voltages and power range

  • 3 x 200-240 V...0.25-45 kW
  • 3 x 380-480 V...0.37-90 kW
  • 3 x 525-600 V...2.2-90 kW

Features and benefits

HVAC features and harmonic mitigation are built into the drive, for low-complexity installation and to reduce investment cost

Saves up to 50% energy to reduce your operating costs

Unequalled robustness ensures you get maximum uptime

User-friendly to reduce time and cost in commissioning and operation

With the VLT® Mains-Free Interface accessory you can set drive parameters prior to installation, with no need for mains connection

Since FC 101 has UL LZGH2 certification in accordance with UL60335-2-40, UL60335-2-89, you can use A2L refrigerants in HVAC/R systems

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Fact sheet VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 - English English United States 27 Jul, 2023 1.1 MB .pdf
Fact sheet VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 - English English Multiple 20 Oct, 2023 450.9 KB .pdf
Brochure VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 Selection Guide - US English English United States 20 Jun, 2023 6.9 MB .pdf
Brochure VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 Selection Guide | English English Multiple 08 May, 2023 7.5 MB .pdf
Design guide VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 SW4.2x English Multiple 01 Apr, 2018 5.3 MB PDF
Programming guide VLT® HVAC Basic FC 101 English Multiple 18 May, 2018 3.6 MB PDF
Installation guide VLT® Mains-Free Interface Installation G English Multiple 01 Apr, 2022 1.3 MB PDF


VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 supports you in commissioning VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101. Search the table for other useful downloads.

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