TD 1 thermostatic expansion valves, fixed orifice

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Liquid injection control in small capacity evaporators

TD1 is a thermostatic expansion valve designed to control liquid injection into small capacity evaporators for commercial refrigeration solutions as for instance glass door merchandisers, air dryers, cold rooms, and trucks/trailers. 

The TD 1 valve from Danfoss is designed for soldering into hermetically sealed systems and supplied as angleway and straightway versions for easy installation. The product range includes different orifices and connection sizes with rated capacities from 0.42 to 3.88 kW (0.12 to 1.11 TR) for R134a.

TD 1 can be supplied with and without external equalization, with and without Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP).

Features and benefits

Compact and lightweight design

High energy efficiency

Angleway and straightway versions for easy installation

Available in different sizes

Double contact bulb

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