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NeoCharge offers a breakthrough in refrigeration technology, reducing ammonia charge while enhancing system performance. NeoCharge ensures seamless integration for both new and existing systems, promising optimal dependability and adaptability. Experience next-level connectivity and performance enhancement, transforming industrial refrigeration as you know it.

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NeoCharge® is a simple, unique technology that enables an NH3 direct expansion system to run without superheat. It also reduces the recirculation in a traditional flooded system to the lowest possible rate while maintaining a high system performance.

 NeoCharge offers a 60% potential energy savings and by retrofitting the system, a 40% capacity expansion with the same charge. This is the most cost efficent way to expand a cold storage. NeoCharge gives each evaporator with just the right charge. You can then run the system without fluctuations and better control each process.

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A comprehensive comparison of industrial-size systems 

For more than 150 years ammonia has been a trusted refrigerant within industrial refrigeration due to its efficiency, cost efficiency and high reliability. NeoCharge will provide a 2nd Life to ammonia systems by reducing the charge and increasing system performance and ensuring energy efficiency. In this study, various system designs were analyzed to highlight each system's energy consumption.

*NeoCharge is not covered in this study. However, when applying NeoCharge the performance for ammonia would be optimized

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