Commercial CO₂ refrigeration

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Reliable. Efficient and environmentally friendly. This is CO₂.

CO₂ is used worldwide to provide sustainable and cost-effective refrigerant solutions. Get an overview of the benefits.

Develop your business with reliable CO₂ refrigeration solutions

Get ahead of legislation and benefit from sustainable and energy-efficient cooling with CO₂ refrigeration. We can help you with innovative solutions that span the entire cold chain, along with decades of experience. Transition to natural refrigerants reliably and complexity-free.

Your choice of refrigerants directly affects your business and your bottom line. As legislation phases out F-gasses, alternative cooling agents are no longer an option but a must. CO₂ (R744) refrigeration brings Excellent energy efficiency, food safety, and opportunities for heat recovery directly to your business.

In addition, CO₂ is a natural refrigerant that is non-toxic and non-flammable, with zero ozone depletion and a GWP of only 1—benefitting both the environment and your company's footprint. With Danfoss, you get the support and expertise to make your transition to CO₂ refrigeration straightforward. From design to implementation and maintenance of complete CO₂ cooling systems, we are here to help you cool responsibly and reliably.

CO2 cold room package

Get a complete CO₂ cold room package with just four components.

Check out how simple it is to find the right match for your application.

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Low GWP solutions

Low GWP solutions

Our extensive low GWP portfolio for cold rooms is compatible with a broad spectrum of refrigerants — from A2L to CO2 and propane.
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