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Energy efficient pumps for air humidification

Maintaining proper air humidity is critical to human health and well-being. At the same time, humidification plays an increasingly important role in manufacturing processes to control electrostatic charges and dust and to ensure consistent temperatures in production and server rooms.

In a world with increasing focus on environmental issues you can now benefit from perfect indoor air humidity, stability in processes and cost competitive cooling with high-pressure, water mist humidification.

This new technology is rapidly gaining ground as a highly reliable and market leading energy efficient solution compared to traditional technologies.

Danfoss provides high pressure axial piston pump solutions for any humidification system and adiabatic cooling solution in residential, industrial, agricultural or high-tech applications.

Features and benefits

Ultra-clean technology, no oil needed

Best in class reliability

High energy efficiency, low CO2 emissions

Compact design, low weight

Long service life

Market leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

PAHT pumps for humidification - Danfoss

PAHT pumps

With up to 95% volumetric efficiency, the PAHT pumps reduce energy bills and lower CO2 emissions. The PAHT pumps are known for low pulsations, long service life and a compact design. Lubrication of the moving parts is provided by the water itself.

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