Danfoss @Chillventa 2022

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Danfoss @ Chillventa - meet us at the booth or online, 11th-13th

Thank you all for 3 wonderful days at Chillventa 2022

Chillventa 2022 is over, but we're keeping things going in our virtual booth. Access on-demand recordings of our sessions, play our Drop Game, and find all the latest info on our products and solutions right here.


Event Highlights from the Danfoss Booth

Chillventa 2022 is a wrap. From cutting-edge product reveals, one-on-one talks with our experts', daily broadcasts, to smart monitoring, and sustainability, our booth was filled with forwarding-leaping tech.

Experience our solutions

The latest in Industrial Refrigeration

Showcasing leading solutions for industrial refrigeration systems using both ammonia (R-717) and CO₂ (R744), discover Danfoss’s innovative and emerging portfolio dedicated to large, industrial transcritical CO₂ systems—with products specifically designed for higher capacity, pressure, and temperatures.

Join our sessions online

  • Meet our experts and learn how to improve your system
  • Discover the latest trends driving the industry forward
  • Explore our portfolio dedicated to large industrial CO₂ refrigeration systems
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Future-proof and convenient solutions for Commercial Refrigeration

With the broadest range of convenient, future-proof refrigeration solutions for cold rooms and food service equipment, our experts introduced a new package of natural refrigerant solutions specifically for small format applications—and showcased our comprehensive portfolio of ultra-low GWP-compliant products.

Join our experts!

  • Latest trends in commercial cold rooms and food service equipment
  • Market-leading ultra-low GWP CO₂ and A2L additions to our portfolio
  • Learn how to boost energy efficiency and optimize performance from end-to-end
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Connected Food Retail solutions from case to cloud

Experience the latest generation of our CO₂ systems, including our Heat Recovery Unit, which helps supermarkets reduce heating costs by up to 90% while cutting their carbon footprint in half—along with the introduction of several new components and solutions for food retail applications. Plus, you’ll see our smart monitoring and management solution Alsense® that optimizes asset performance and energy efficiency.

What’s on the agenda

  • Discover energy-efficient solutions for supermarkets
  • See our latest generation of CO₂ systems and components
  • Learn about our controllers, valves, and smart monitoring technology
  • Experience our Heat recovery Unit
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A new era of greener Heat Pumps powered by Danfoss

With our new releases, we’re moving beyond components and developing subsystem and module solutions that are compatible with ultra-low GWP and natural refrigerants, enhance energy efficiency, and leverage smart technology in heat pumps. You’ll hear about the myths and facts about refrigerants and the market trend toward integrated heating and cooling systems.

What you can expect

  • Latest updates on refrigerant regulations and challenges, future-proof potentials, and system efficiency
  • See how the new Turbocor® Cloud Services reduces chiller downtime
  • Learn how to uncover heat recovery potential with integrated systems
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Live from the booth

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Press Release

Danfoss at Chillventa 2022: Transforming green ideas into green solutions

Danfoss at Chillventa 2022: Transforming green ideas into green solutions

At Chillventa 2022, happening from October 11–13 in Nuremberg, Germany, Danfoss will showcase a broad range of energy-efficient solutions to empower the green transition in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump applications.


Danfoss intent to acquire German compressor manufacturer BOCK GmbH

With the acquisition, Danfoss is investing significantly in broadening its scope of sustainable, clean technologies to speed up the green transition in commercial refrigeration systems.