Danfoss and HOFOR partner to maximize building energy efficiency with AI powered Leanheat® Solution.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Two Danish powerhouses partner to continue strategic collaboration to enhance energy efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption in multifamily buildings. 

HOFOR, the leading district heating utility in Denmark, will utilize the Leanheat® solution from Danfoss. The software solution combines cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiency. This strategic collaboration will reduce overall energy consumption, prevent peak demand, and minimize CO2  emissions across up to 700 buildings within HOFOR's network.  

 By leveraging Leanheat's advanced algorithms and intelligent heating control, HOFOR will provide tangible benefits to its customers, with anticipated savings of an average of 5 %. This first project is scheduled to commence during the heating season 2023/24 and run until 2026. Once the concept has been proved, the intelligent heating control from Danfoss could be expanded to all approximate 10,000 large buildings in Copenhagen within HOFOR’s network.

Jürgen Fischer, President Danfoss Climate Solutions says:
“This partnership brings together two of the leading Danish players in energy efficiency. We are proud to be working with HOFOR. AI (artificial Intelligence) technology is the future. With digitalization, we can gather the data needed to automate and maximize energy efficiency in buildings to effectively reduce CO2 emissions. 

Utilizing digital tools to automatically adjust consumption during peak hours  

With digital tools, it is possible to target the reduction of peak consumption, therefore adding flexibility to the energy system, reducing the need for fossil fuel-powered boilers, and effectively reducing CO2 emissions.  

To ensure seamless integration and effective control of the heating systems, all buildings involved in the project will be equipped with Danfoss heating controllers. These state-of-the-art controllers are essential for optimizing the performance of the district heating infrastructure, enabling precise control and monitoring capabilities.  

  HOFOR's decision to partner with Danfoss and implement the Leanheat® solution underscores their dedication to sustainability, energy efficiency, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, Danfoss and HOFOR are leading the way in the transition to a greener and more sustainable district heating system. 


For more information contact:

Pia Beltrão Hansen, Communications Director Danfoss  

Phone: +45 31401245 

Email: pia.hansen@danfoss.com