What's new with CO₂: New solutions and trainings for Food Retail applications

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

CO₂ is taking the Food Retail industry by storm and is shaking up how we do business. It offers an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to many refrigerants that are currently being phased out – if you have the right technology, tools, and know-how in place. That's where we can help.

Product news

We have several new and exciting products on the market that help you harness the benefits of using CO₂ as a refrigerant. Here they are.

CO2 adaptive liquid management CALM - Danfoss

CO₂ Adaptive Liquid Management (CALM) wins innovation award at China Refrigeration

At this year's China Refrigeration trade show in Shanghai, the Danfoss CO₂ Adaptive Liquid Management (CALM) solution won a prestigious innovation award. CALM was honored with the award for promoting product innovation, sparking technological progress, and supporting the concepts of green, low-carbon environmental protection and energy saving.

CO₂ training

As the supermarket refrigeration industry is moving towards new refrigerants, system types, and solutions, training becomes a vital part of a successful transition. Danfoss offers a variety of CO₂ training opportunities — both face-to-face and online at Danfoss Learning.

Adaptive liquid management - Danfoss

CO₂ Adaptive Liquid Management

The CALM solution includes the ground-breaking new Liquid Ejector in combination with innovative case controller algorithm – Adaptive Liquid Control (ALC) – to ensure optimum liquid management. We're excited to offer the first training module in Danfoss Learning where you will get an introduction to CALM, case controls, Adaptive Liquid Control, the Liquid Ejector, the pack controller, and overall system management. 

CO2 traning unit - Danfoss

Mobile CO₂ Training Unit is coming your way!

For the third year in a row, the Danfoss Mobile CO₂ Training Unit is on its tour around the world to help provide our customers and partners with hands-on CO₂ training. The Training Unit makes the technology and theory of CO₂ refrigeration immediately available to industry professionals in a practical environment, so they can put their new knowledge to use right away.

So, there you have it. A ton of great news, products, and trainings around how CO₂ is making its mark on the refrigeration industry. Curious to learn more? There is plenty of CO₂ content waiting for you over at our CO₂ in Food Retail page.