AK-PC 572 MiniPack controller – CO₂ made easy for small store formats

Monday, April 15, 2019

It's not too long ago that we here at Danfoss stood up and boldly declared, "We love CO₂!"

This proclamation contained all the passion, knowledge, and hard work that has gone into shifting the food retail industry from HFCs towards natural refrigerants. Our engineers have developed solutions that help make the refrigerant transition even easier for our customers – and now we're ready to introduce one more.

The new AK-PC 572 MiniPack controller provides a complete pack solution for small store retailers looking to benefit from using CO₂ as a refrigerant. While compact and cost-effective, it's includes much of the technology contained in the AK-PC 781 pack controller – a product known for over a decade of proven reliability in CO₂ applications.

The AK-PC 572 MiniPack also makes using CO₂ much more approachable, even for those who have little-to-no experience with it. It contains all the essential functionality of a dedicated CO₂ controller, but with reduced complexity and ease of use. It comes with a pre-configured wizard, optimized for the fast and simple setup of CO₂ systems.

Start taking advantage of the benefits CO₂ has to offer in small store formats. The AK-PC 572 MiniPack makes it easy.

Features and benefits

Reduced operational cost

Build on the Danfoss knowhow of the AK-PC 781 pack controller

  • Energy efficiency
  • Pack security
  • Food safety

CO₂ made easy

  • Doesn't require extensive CO₂ know how
  • Faster setup with less failure potential
  • Good service overview with status and manual control
  • PC programming tool for fast FAT test and service

Cost effective hardware solution

  • Dedicated hardware for MiniPack
  • Requires limited space in the electrical panel

Integrated pack design

  • Variable speed capacity and Bitzer Ecoline with cylinder decoupling (Danfoss control of CRII)
  • Simple to integrate with separate heating system

Flexible solution

  • Booster with up to 5 compressors or single suction group
  • Gas cooler and receiver control
  • Optional features like heat recovery, hot gas dump and liquid injection
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