Mobile CO₂ training unit

Worldwide training in CO₂ refrigeration

CO₂ is emerging as the go-to solution in the food retail market as traditional HFCs are phased out and retailers look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Danfoss launched the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit in September 2016 to provide easy-to-access, hands-on training for the thousands of installers, service technicians, and OEM engineers worldwide that want to take full advantage of the natural refrigerant.

The Mobile CO₂ Training Unit makes both the technology and understanding of CO₂ refrigeration immediately available to industry professionals through a 2-day training session.

By attending, you will learn:

  • Transcritical system design (simple booster system, parallel compression, parallel compression with ejector)
  • Commissioning of CO₂ systems
  • Set up of pack and case controls
  • Service procedures
  • Troubleshooting and correction

Danfoss CO₂ experts will present CO₂ systems and solutions, which include simple gas-bypass systems as well as more complex parallel compression solutions, with or without heat reclaim. They will also introduce our new Multi Ejector Solution™ that can enhance the energy efficiency of systems by up to 20% on the hottest day of the year, enabling the use of transcritical CO₂ systems in much harsher climates.

Danfoss Mobile CO2 training unit - Container

CO₂ training is coming your way

Below you can find the time and place for the stops of the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit in France.

Location: Reyrieux, Danfoss

Half-day training sessions

20 April Time: 9-12
20 April Time: 14-17
23 April Time: 9-12
23 April Time: 14-17

Full-day training sessions

24 April Time: 9-17
25 April Time: 9-17
26 April Time: 9-17

Where to find the Training Unit in 2018

The first stops on the 2018 tour are in place. The last part of the tour will be announced shortly - stay tuned for the updates.

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