Danfoss marks another year of Turbocor® oil-free innovation

Friday, December 18, 2020

Danfoss is celebrating a year of continuous innovation for its pioneering Turbocor® range of oil-free compressors—improving its support for chillers and heat pumps alike—further expanding the number of applications that can benefit from oil-free technology.

Over the past 12 months, Danfoss has expanded the Turbocor® and oil-free portfolio with no fewer than three new compressors and new expansion valves. In addition, it has released e-lessons to support technicians and OEMs using Turbocor® technology and created a host of new resources, from webinars on oil-free chillers to articles on heat pumps.

The Turbocor® portfolio now includes Danfoss’s first oil-free compressors designed specifically for high-lift applications: the new TTH/TGH range. These compressors mark a big step forward for chiller manufacturers involved in heat recovery, low-temp process or thermal storage, A/C chillers in high ambient temperatures, and heat pump applications—providing a high-efficiency alternative to commonly-used positive displacement compressors.

Danfoss also introduced its largest oil-free compressor yet, the 450-ton VTX1600, alongside new low-GWP refrigerant options. The new TGS490—an oil-free, variable speed, magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor—is the world’s first compressor to be optimized for use with low-GWP R515B.

Along with these innovations, Danfoss has expanded Turbocor® technical support to include 12 new e-lessons. The lessons supplement existing training tools, to help any user or OEM expand their knowledge of Turbocor®’s legendary long-lasting performance and reliability.

To further advance the understanding of oil-free technology, Danfoss has released recordings of sessions from this year’s virtual Cooling United Live event. Now available on-demand, Danfoss experts provide a look at the inner workings of both oil-free chillers and heat pumps, including the trends, products, and technologies that will guide future innovation.

“Turbocor® compressors are recognized across the globe for their compactness, low sound, and energy performance,” said Drew Turner, Strategic Marketing Manager for oil-free solutions. “They bring unmatched benefits in terms of comfort, low maintenance, and long-lasting energy performance. These recent innovations enable the use of oil-free technology in more applications, which is unique and very interesting for end-users.”

“This year has seen unprecedented innovation at the high-capacity end of the Danfoss Turbocor® range, as well as providing chiller manufacturers with new high-efficiency, oil-free compressor options for use in the air-cooled chiller, heat recovery, low-temp, and heat pump applications,” said Turner. “And this comes with an extended portfolio for oil-free systems with the addition of large manifold expansion valves. There’s also some exciting new products and resources coming soon.”