Danfoss product compliance

In a world with increasing reporting requirements and a focus on responsibility and the environment, Danfoss focuses on product compliance to ensure growth, world-class product quality and risk mitigation.

Danfoss ensures product compliance through monitoring, data collection and communication

The Danfoss Product Compliance Program is integrated into our management systems, relying on regulatory foresight, robust data, and effective supply chain communication. This integration enables us to produce safe and sustainable products, and meeting compliance obligations to customers and regulators.

Danfoss complies with regulations and standards at national, regional, and global levels. We monitor and communicate new requirements to the organization in a systematic way , ensuring a strong focus and alignment of processes and tools across our organization.

To achieve compliance and build a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) foundation, Full Material Declarations (FMD) are required from suppliers for new and modified parts. The reporting of Material Data Sheets (MDS), which declare the material and substance content of a part, can be done through Danfoss designated tools for reporting.

For more information, please contact your local Danfoss sales and service office.


Life-Cycle Assessment

Integrating a life-cycle approach into our product and process development has been a longstanding practice for us. Since 2021 Danfoss has increased its efforts to enhance capabilities in life-cycle assessments (LCAs) as a key element of our ESG strategy. LCAs provide a systematic assessment of the total environmental impacts of our products during its entire life cycle – from extraction of raw materials, over production and use, and the product end-of-life.

This effort has involved recruiting LCA specialists across all business segments, acquiring advanced LCA software, and establishing a unified approach within the Danfoss Group for conducting LCAs. The application of LCAs is integrated in the sustainability assessment, which is now mandatory in the development of new products in Danfoss. The LCA results can be presented in comprehensive Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our product range.

Our Life Cycle Assessment specialists are assisting integration of Life Cycle Assessments into our product development processes, supporting our step-change initiatives on circularity and decarbonization by identifying high-impact areas for improving product environmental performance.

Environmental Product Declarations

In response to escalating market expectations and impending regulatory requirements, we have developed and deployed a cross-Danfoss for producing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) presenting the results of thorough Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. These EPDs offer transparency into the environmental footprint (e.g. carbon footprint) of our products throughout their entire lifecycle, empowering our customers to make informed and environmentally conscious choices. Danfoss is currently working actively towards the systematic generation of EPDs, focusing first on increased digital availability and data quality.

Our approach involves a phased rollout of EPDs for our product range, guided by customer requests, and predefined priority criteria. This not only aligns with market and regulatory demands but also underscores our dedication to environmentally responsible business practices.

For further details and access to Danfoss EPDs, please visit:

Danfoss position on EPD

Find Danfoss EPDs here


Compliance with product regulations

Danfoss is committed to improving the protection of human health and the environment through compliance with relevant product regulations and standards. We adhere to regulatory standards in product safety to ensure that our design, manufacturing, testing, and certification processes align with market requirements.

The following position papers describe how our processes help ensure compliance with European and international legislation:


The Danfoss Negative List

The Negative List is the cornerstone of our efforts to reduce the use of harmful substances in our production and products. It is applicable worldwide and can only be replaced by stricter local legislation.

The Negative List is based on current legislation, but for selected substances, Danfoss has adopted restrictions that go beyond current legislation.

Suppliers, tenants, and contractors working on Danfoss’ premises must comply with the negative list.

All suppliers, with regular deliveries to Danfoss, must subscribe to the list.
Our requirements to suppliers are described in the Danfoss Supplier Quality Manual.

Subscribe to the Danfoss Negative List

Material Data Reporting Requirements & Training

In order to effectively follow up on both legal and customer requirements regarding product environmental compliance, we are now expecting all relevant suppliers to join us in the reporting of Full Material Disclosure data declarations (FMD MDS). We have designated tools to assist us and our suppliers in the process of data reporting. To meet Danfoss´ reporting requirements, our suppliers are expected to submit data through CDX or IMDS online Portals. Registration and submission of data is free of charge.