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We engineer tomorrow to build a better future

Energy Efficiency is key to reaching our goals of the Paris Agreement. It is all about getting more out of less by rethinking our energy systems and using our energy smarter. We have the solutions to help decarbonize the world.

Quality, reliability and innovation

Driven by the potential of an electrified society, and powered by the opportunities of going digital, Danfoss is engineering technology that helps the world to get much more out of less. With the promise of quality, reliability and innovation deeply rooted in our DNA, we deliver an extensive range of products and solutions across our business segments of Danfoss Climate Solutions, Danfoss Drives and Danfoss Power Solutions

Key facts about Danfoss

Our Purpose

Our sustainable innovations increase energy efficiency, enhance machine productivity, reduce emissions, and enable electrification. We decarbonize with our customers through our leading application know-how. This is how we are part of the solution.

We already have many of the solutions needed to tackle the world’s challenges while creating growth. This is all made possible by our long-term view on value creation and the dedicated Danfoss teams around the world, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

The greenest energy is the energy we do not use

Getting more out of less is what the world needs now more than ever. An “energy efficiency first” principle is instrumental to help the world succeed in meeting global climate and energy goals.

To grow the role of green electricity in the energy mix, it is a fundamental yet often overlooked fact that we must first reduce demand for energy. In the intelligent and cost-effective transition to decarbonization, sequence matters!

We pioneer solutions for customers to enable decarbonization in an intelligent, cost-optimal manner and ensure carbon neutrality in our operations. Our goal is to become carbon-neutral in our global operations by 2030.

An important milestone is our approved Science-based target which expands our greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals beyond our own business, across the entire value chain.

We will continue to improve our employee experience to attract and retain talented people who can lead the green transition.

Our 2030 ESG ambition is to become our customers’ preferred decarbonization partner.

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Together, we are engineering tomorrow

Across the world, our technologies are engineering a better tomorrow. But we know it’s really down to people to make change happen. 

We value, trust and respect every voice. And we dare to be bold and disrupt the market. So we can take action and build a more sustainable future together.

Financial highlights

Driven by the shift in energy systems from carbon-driven to renewable energy and the need for significantly higher energy productivity in machines and infrastructure, Danfoss continues its transformation. With bold investments, we continue to improve our offering of best-in-class technology and solutions to drive the green transition through energy efficiency, machine productivity, lower emissions, and electrification. 

In 2023, Danfoss improved the offering of competitive, innovative, and best-in-class solutions through strong partnerships and bold investments, despite a slower growth environment.

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