Ready-made energy solutions #9 and #10

Here are the last two posts in our series of 10 ready-made solutions for more energy efficiency.

We have to exploit the potential of digital, connected solutions.

Smart control of heating, cooling and ventilation can double the performance of these technologies. On average, energy consumption can be reduced by 38% per building.

New digital technologies can continuously monitor and adapt consumption, inform consumers of their energy use, optimize renewable energy self-consumption and help integrate buildings into electricity and district heating and cooling systems. Payback time for such investments is estimated at 3–5 years.

Read more about efficiency in buildings here and a case story about how a family achieved record savings on their heat consumption here. You can also learn more about Danfoss Drives digital transformation here.

Innovations in the food-energy-water nexus

Digitalization allows us to track and trace products across the entire cold chain. This results in better quality food by reducing food loss, and ultimately conserving energy and water use for the production of food that would otherwise be lost.

You can read more about Danfoss Drives solutions for the refrigeration industry here.

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Glenn Kristiansen, Senior Director – Room Controls, Danfoss Heating

Deepinder Singh Chani, Global Director – Refrigeration, Danfoss Drives