Ready-made energy solutions #1 and #2

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Buildings along a habour showing Danfoss products used inside the homes.

Electric motor systems consume 50% of all electricity worldwide. 80% of electric motors are not equipped with variable speed drives, meaning that they work at full speed regardless of the required need.

Let’s get the basics right. By deploying variable speed drives and other system-wide efficiency measures, we can reduce motor energy consumption by up to 40%, and global electricity consumption by 8% (IEA WEO 2016). Payback time for such investments is estimated at between 2–4 years.

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Let’s empower people to control their energy use

Optimizing control of our heating, cooling and ventilation systems reduces energy use on average by 22% per building, with a payback time of 2 years (Ecofys).

Two keys are room temperature control and balancing: more than 500 million radiators are still equipped with manual valves and do not allow people to control their room temperature and energy consumption.

Installing individual room controls (for example, thermostatic radiator valves) could lead to €10–15 billion in annual savings (according to Ecofys/EUnited). Dynamic hydronic balancing can save another (relative) 20% with a payback time of 1–2 years.

Other ready-made energy solutions

Aksel Jepsen, Head of Industry Affairs, Danfoss Drives 
Glenn Kristiansen, Senior Director – Room Controls, Danfoss Heating