Ready-made energy solutions #3 and #4

Here are the next two posts in our series of 10 ready-made solutions for more energy efficiency.

A system approach in efficiency optimization delivers the most rewarding efficiency improvements.

Water and wastewater facilities account for 30–50% of a municipality’s total energy bill and 4% of global electricity consumption. But, with a combination of energy-efficiency measures and energy recovery, it is possible to decouple water from energy and achieve energy neutrality for the entire water cycle.

In Aarhus, Denmark, the city turned a local wastewater facility into a producer of renewable energy (biogas) with a payback time of 5 years.

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Energy-optimized cooling for data centers

Data centers on a global level already consume more electricity than the UK, and emit the same amount of carbon as the entire airline industry. Electricity is usually the largest single element of operating costs for data centers, varying from 25 to 60%.

Watch this video to find out how partnering with Danfoss for its energy-saving technologies, like oil-free variable speed compressors, variable frequency drives, controls and heat exchangers, has enabled Inertech to provide the world’s largest data centers with a flexible cooling solution that consumes less energy and water and costs less than a traditional chiller plant.

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Mads Warming, Business Development Director – Water and Wastewater, Danfoss Drives
Ken Koehler, Key Account Manager, Danfoss Turbocor