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The brain of your Smart Store

The Danfoss System Manager is the key component of the intelligent ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration and HVAC systems for food retail. The System Manager is the brain of the system, coordinating data to and from the individual refrigeration and HVAC controllers, including temperature data for logging and alarms. The System Manager can be set up to optimize different functions such as suction pressure and coordinated defrosting, resulting in significant energy savings and optimum temperature control.

Features and benefits

Supports full suite of Danfoss smart store controls

Proven built in ADAP-KOOL® energy saving functions

Powerful support tools to enhance setup and commissioning

Flexible monitoring and control via AK I/O

Support of various 3rd party devices, supporting the customer store format

On-the-go mobile access anywhere anytime

Built in and customizable graphics

Open data protocol enables easy access and share of operational data / cloud connectivity

Multi-site management and remote management tool

Video still about Danfoss Enterprise Services available to supermarket customers

Danfoss Enterprise Services – create value with big data

Think ahead with Big Data. The use of big data opens a new world of opportunities. Find out how retailers can embrace the opportunities of big data to improve revenue streams, control costs and drive change in business and delivery model.

Product range

  • Product photo of the AK-SM 800 Series of system managers by Danfoss
    AK-SM 800 series

    System managers are system components for use together with controllers in ADAP-KOOL® Refrigeration control systems. System managers enable the construction of complex control systems with alarm monitoring and data logging in connection with decentralized refrigeration plants.


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Brochure Overview brochure: System Managers (Global) English Multiple 12 Jun, 2018 6.1 MB .pdf
Brochure SiteService App for mobile diagnostics and service English Multiple 03 Oct, 2014 2.4 MB .pdf


Red background with a water/ice splash effect with the Danfoss system manager and laptop featuring ADAP-Kool software overlayed

Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® software

Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® optimized systems provide the total store solution for our customers. Through its various tools it offers simulation, programming for setup, commissioning, log collection and presentation, handling alarms and daily monitoring of refrigeration plants.

Related applications

  • The inside of a convenient store
    Convenience stores

    Danfoss convenience store energy solutions have been adapted to convenience store refrigeration requirements and are customized to the needs of each store owner. Learn how we can lower your energy needs.

  • An animated image of the utopian smart store full of connected solutions within your neighborhood grocery store
    Smart store

    The Smart Store solution enhances food safety and brings down the energy bill by integrated and smart control of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other applications.

Related products

  • Photo of the AK-CM communication module family by Danfoss
    AK-CM communication modules for AK

    Communication modules for additional input and output. Accessory as an outdoor photocell with temperature sensor generally used to sense outside ambient temperature and light levels, and an indoor relative humidity sensor with an ambient temperature sensor.

Case studies

  • Giant Eagle Danfoss
    Danfoss helps transform supermarkets into smart stores for demand response


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Supermarket Support

Find answers to frequently asked questions, technical documents, a complete parts list and a video library for troubleshooting.