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We've put everything you need to work with Danfoss food retail controls in supermarket refrigeration applications, in one place. Find product literature links, how-to videos, FAQs, and more - it's all right here...

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Download our New! Troubleshooting Guide for Supermarket Electronics

Download our New! Troubleshooting Guide

Download the Supermarket troubleshooting guide for a quick reference for solutions to the most common troubleshooting questions. Updated October 2023.

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System Manager General

Perform a rescan at the system manager, which will force the controller to scan for the offline devices. If that doesn’t solve the problem, perform secondary checks, including proper EOL termination of the loop and power at the offline devices.

No, only an oscilloscope will supply proper information showing the quality of the signal on the comm loop.

AK-SM 800A

Press “Forgot Credentials” from the login screen, and then “Reset Password”. This will give you a MAC Address and code. Then, call Danfoss monitoring at 1-866-513-0581 with these details to obtain temporary login credentials.

No, only by loading database into a physical unit.

Part number 080Z4029 is the retrofit version of the AK-SM 880, with native LONTP78 communication. Additional part numbers can be found here.

AK-SM 800

  1.  Open RMT and select databases per traditional workflow. An Adobe error message will be seen on systems where Flash has been removed
  2. Keep the RMT open and note the local host address (seen in website location bar)
  3. Open StoreView Desktop and type in the local host address. In this example 'localhost:8080'
  4. Click the "connect" button and StoreView Desktop will present the login screen for that database


  • By running the RMT tool, the simulation 'engine' is open in the background and StoreView Desktop then takes the role of the browser
  • New databases can be created using this workaround and saving via the "Configuration >> Save Database" menu

AK-CC Case Controllers

Watch our video for an introduction to AK-CC 210 functionality. 

Flashing icons indicate an alarm condition. For details on what the alarm indicates, press the top button of the case controller for the alarm code. Additional details can be found on the KoolCode app or in paperwork included with the case controller.

Think of parameter r12 as the main switch for case control, so it needs to be set to the “On” position before operation will begin (when set to “Off,” alarm code A45 will be active).

This alarm indicates that the suction transducer is reading outside of the normal range. Wiring and programming of the transducer should be checked.

The case controller will continue to display this during the pulldown phase until the case has reached its cut-in temperature.

Press and hold the top button for 5 seconds or until r01 is displayed. Next, use the top button to navigate to “o03.” Then, press the “Set” button and change address from 000 to desired address using top button. When complete, press “Set” button again.

AK-SC 255

Yes, however for the AK-XM 103A (4AI/4AO) module, firmware version v2.101 or higher must exist in the controller.


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