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Efficiency optimizing solutions for universities, k-12 schools, and education facilities

Efficiency optimizing solutions

for universities, k-12 schools, and education facilities...

Learn how Danfoss solutions have been working seamlessly together to continuously optimize hydronic system performance in universities, k-12 schools, & education facilities for many decades.

Our technical & application experts understand the demands that schools face - so we offer synergized components that help maintain balance within the hydronic loop, contributing to sustained efficiency & reduced maintenance. This leads to infrastructure improvements, reduced energy consumption & carbon footprint, while meeting increasing demands for resiliency, reliability, comfort and indoor air quality. 


One manufacturing partner for your HVAC system

Energy efficient and sustainable solutions

Indoor comfort with precise temperature control and reliable supply

Easy installation, commissioning, management and maintenance

Innovative products enabling smart IoT solutions and data collection

Case studies

The Challenge: Total system equilibrium at A.K. Suter Elementary in Pensacola, FL

50% reduction in energy consumption - AK Suter case study video

The Results: Complex energy and comfort problems solved

Discover how Danfoss solutions helped rejuvenate the almost 100-year-old elementary school, and reduced energy consumption by 50%...

Read full case study

The Challenge: Stable flow control at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

RIT puts pressure independent control valves to the test

RIT puts pressure independent control valves to the test

Timothy Vann, Engineering & Facilities Management Services for RIT investigates pressure independent control solutions to improve the stability of the universities hydronic system. His team performs their own independent testing which prove excellent results in HVAC system performance and hydronic stability.

Related solutions

AB-QM™ pressure independent control

AB-QM™ pressure independent control

Danfoss is a global leader in pressure independent control excellence for over 30 years. Our line of AB-QM™ pressure independent control valves (PICVs) & actuators improve hydronic system efficiency by eliminating overflows and increasing ΔT. The unique design of AB-QM™ control valve incorporates an integrated differential pressure regulator. When equipped with a perfectly matched Danfoss electric actuator, AB-QM™ PICVs increase energy efficiency & room temperature control, improving indoor climate conditions - achieving simple, affordable, comfort.

District Energy

District Energy

The critical energy challenges facing campuses today include coping with limited budgets, volatile fuel prices, ambitious sustainability goals, a need for reliability to protect critical research, & keeping up with campus growth. Using district energy, CHP, and microgrid technologies, campus energy systems can reduce costs through efficiency, leverage fuel flexibility, and enhance resiliency and reliability while sustaining continued campus growth.

Aligning with sustainability goals, district energy systems help campuses make cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and minimize their carbon footprint. Long taken for granted, campus energy systems are now more visible than ever as they become leaders in clean, efficient, and reliable energy for their campus and the community.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

Danfoss and Sondex® brand heat exchangers optimize heat transfer in a variety of commercial building applications including universities.

Customized products, and an extensive plate portfolio allows us to match the specific requirements of your application for the optimal heat transfer solution.

Related products

  • A photo of a Turbocor compressor - Danfoss

    Danfoss is the leading manufacturer of oil-free compressors and is the pioneer of the Danfoss Turbocor® compressor - the world’s first oil-free magnetic bearing compressor for the HVAC industry.

  • Thermostatic radiator valves
    Thermostatic radiator valves

    Robustly built and designed to meet the rigors of the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, a comprehensive range of Danfoss RA2000 thermostatic radiator valves is available for hot water, one-pipe steam, and two-pipe low pressure steam systems.

  • RA2000 radiator operators
    Radiator operators

    Danfoss RA2000 radiator operators maintain constant desired room temperatures, individually room by room and help to reduce energy consumption.

  • AB-QM pressure independent control valve
    AB-QM™ Pressure-Independent Control Valves (PICVs)

    Achieve simple, affordable comfort with easy, energy saving AB-QM™. AB-QM™ pressure independent control valves (PICVs) help optimize HVAC heating and cooling systems in a variety of applications.

  • AB-QM™ Actuators

    To take advantage of the combined balancing and control features of Danfoss AB-QM it has to be equipped with actuators controlled by room thermostats or a Building Management System. Danfoss offers a broad range of actuators varying from thermal on-off, to digital actuators with bus communication.


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Case story SONDEX® raises the standard in Brazil English United States 23 Oct, 2019 1.5 MB .pdf
Article Why district energy is the solution of the future English Multiple 02 Aug, 2016 609.8 KB .pdf



See how Danfoss technologies are contributing to sustainable buildings, and helping to save a significant amount of energy and CO2.

To learn more about our approach to sustainability, product compliance and more visit Sustainability in Danfoss.


AB-QM™ Pressure independent control

Our line of pressure independent control valves (PICVs) and actuators offer simple, affordable comfort in universities and commercial buildings all over the world.

Learn more about AB-QM™ features and benefits, hear testimonials from engineers whom have switched from traditional balancing solutions, and see how the smart NovoCon digital actuator has helped add to building value with remote commissioning, data collection, and perfect room temperature control.


Learn more about efficiency optimizing solutions for education...

Learn more about efficiency optimizing solutions for education...