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Sustainable, low applied costs with a short payback time.

Heat pumps, are essential to the modern heating and cooling of residential and commercial spaces. Using existing external energy sources like brine, water, and air for heating, cooling, and heat recovery makes heat pumps a highly efficient way to decarbonize the cooling and heating sector, including in renovation projects. We offer innovative solutions for many different types of heat pumps.

Residential and commercial Heat Pumps

Oil-free Heat Pumps

Industrial Heat Pumps

Features and benefits

All you need in one place, delivered by highly experienced air conditioning experts

Low energy consumption

Optimized for environmentally friendly, low GWP refrigerants

Reduced applied costs, short payback times and easy service

Dedicated technical and customer service around the world

Eco labelling options


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Related products

Related applications


Application diagram - heat pump components in typical system

Key for application diagram:

  1. Compressor
  2. Controller
  3. Four-way valve
  4. Temperature sensor
  5. Pressure sensor
  6. Cartridge pressure control
  7. Evaporator
  8. Condenser
  9. Temperature sensor
  10. Expansion device
  11. Sight glass
  12. Liquid line filter drier

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    Danfoss VLT® PHD Panel Offers Flexible Solution for Optimized Harmonic Performance
    Tuesday, February 7, 2023

    Danfoss’ VLT® Preferred Harmonic Drives (PHD) offer optimum harmonic mitigation and input power factor performance. Their ability to accomplish this at full load and substantially reduced loading from both utility line or standby/backup generator power makes them an ideal solution for HVAC fans and pumps.

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    Danfoss marks another year of Turbocor® oil-free innovation
    Friday, December 18, 2020

    Danfoss is celebrating a year of continuous innovation for its pioneering Turbocor® range of oil-free compressors—improving its support for chillers and heat pumps alike—further expanding the number of applications that can benefit from oil-free technology.

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    New Micro Plate heat exchangers give Danfoss "comprehensive portfolio" for chillers and heat pumps
    Friday, December 11, 2020

    Danfoss has extended its highly efficient range of Micro Plate heat exchangers—enabling more manufacturers of chillers and heat pumps to benefit from its efficient Z-design technology and address refrigerant and design changes.