AC Drives Troubleshooting Tips

Capacitor Reforming 

Procedure to condition the capacitors for the ideal Drives more than a year

  • The capacitors will fully get drained out during its ideal time due to the internal ESR of the capacitor
  • If we suddenly supply it with full voltage, there will be a high inrush charging current which leads to the breakdown of the capacitor
  • In a normal scenario and for all the new drives, there is no need to do any additional precautions for Capacitor. But Capacitor conditioning can be carried out if the Drive was kept idle for more than a year
  • The capacitors need to be slowly charged with controlled DC source and then only they can be used normally
  • If DC source is not available then we can use series lamps for soft charge the drives with a small rating of MCB 

Troubleshooting for Alarms/Warning