System Manager FAQ

System Manager FAQ

The Danfoss System Manager series is geared towards food retail customers, who need to realize significant energy savings in their store environment. The system provides the best control and system management in the industry to ensure food safety and to save energy for store owners around the world.

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Differences between the AK-SM 8xx and the AK-SM 8xxA

Learn all about the AK-SM 8xxA and how the System Manger differs from the AK-SM 8xx. In this side-by-side comparison video, you get to discover some of the added features to the AK-SM 8xxA.

AK-SM 8xxA

Files in the AK-SM 8xxA

The EDx files are used to describe the controllers that can communicate with the AK-SM 8xxA. They contain information about all the parameters for the particular controller, their limitations, where they are used, whether or not they are writeable or read only etc.

It is also in the EDx files that you can find the description for which parameters should be used for the different functions that the AK-SM 8xxA has. For instance, when you enable a Defrost schedule, and add a controller to this, it is the EDx files that contain the correct tagging for which parameter should be activated when the schedule turns on.

For the AK-SM 8xxA, the files were managed individually and a device.ls3 file contains a list of all the supported controllers. This has changed now in the AK-SM 8xxA, where there is a package (.epk) of controllers that are validated by Danfoss and includes all the details that are required for the System Manager in order to use the particular controller.

It is possible to update the epk package from a computer with internet connection or by downloading the latest epk. package from our website and updating with the local stored file option:

For further information, please visit the User Guide

Edx Files

AK-SM 8xxA controller settings

Baud rate

The correct baud rate settings are:

  • 19200 baud,
  • even parity,
  • 8 data bit,
  • 2 stop bit (Modbus option SLV/CSENSE = Yes)

For further MODBUS baud rate information please visit this document.

MODBUS baud rate

AK-SM 8xx(A) calculation settings

Handling temperatures in °C

Usually, calculations like Temperature A + Temperature B end up in a wrong result.

This is how you can avoid that:
A 0,0°C value must be added to the result (example: Cal3 + Num4) – see below:


AK-SMxxA energy meters

energy meters

Data logging on the AK-SM 8xxA

Log functions in the AK-SM 8xxA

The AK-SM 8xxA can from the sw. release 2.1 contain 1000 datapoints and 2000 event log points.

The data will be saved in the AK-SM 8xxA for 18 months.

AK-SM 8xxA alarm management

Email settings

Please find the Operating Guide here.

Wizard on AK-SM 8xxA

In this video, our product expert Premnath walks you through the initialization wizard of the AK-SM 8xxA system manager. Going over each step of the setup process, Premnath shows you how to select language, create log in, connect inputs correctly, configure internet, and choose the latest software version.

AK SM 8xxA

In this video our product expert Rainer demonstrates how to set up the ADAP-KOOL Wizard, more specifically how to set up the Wizard in combination with StoreView Web.

Exchanging a controller on the AK-SM 8xxA

Showing you how to replace an AK-CC 550A with an AK-CC55, product expert Premnath Kangatharan guides you through the steps you need to know to effectively change your case controller in the interface of the AK-System Manager 8xxA series. Get familiar with the System Manager interface and ensure you get your new case controller up and running quickly.

AK-PC 782B to AK-SM 800A

In this video, our product experts Edivaldo and Premnath will show how to connect AK-PC 782B to AK-SM 800A

How to connect AK-PC 782B to AK-SM 800A

IP communication System Manager

No – only the AK-SM800A series will support this new pack variant.

No- the second ethernet port will be enabled via software version 3.1x – no license required​.

Yes- you can continue to use the existing ethernet port for both PI-200 and IP-Pack. (You need to use the same ethernet port for PI-200 and IP-pack) .

Ethernet 1 port – must be enabled on the unit itself during “Initialization Wizard” or under comm. Settings via the local display. It cannot be enabled from remote.

  • Using Eth1 as IP field bus allows separation between northbound communications. In addition, not using the ‘corporate’ (Eth0) as the field bus will likely reduce the need to seek customer IT approval for networking and IP addressing 
  • Using the Eth0 as the field bus is also a potential risk as there isn't any HTTPS supported on the IP-based pack and is a possible vulnerability.​
  • Disadvantage: If the Eth1 cable is unpluggedyou will lose communication to the IP-based fieldbus.

When I enable the second Ethernet port (Eth1), what security measures are in place to that this network can’t be used to route to the corporate net?​

Yes, the Layout wizard will be updated.

Product Security

This course is meant to offer a basic understanding about few upcoming European Cybersecurity Regulations, and their relation to the added Product security of the System Manager AK-SM 800A.

After this training, you will understand why cybersecurity is important, and you will be aware about related upcoming regulations.
Furthermore, you will know about some product security requirements, and how to use the added product security in the AK-SM 800A with the latest Software release of 4.0.

XML interface

In this video, you will learn how to use the XML interface.

XML interface

AK-SM8xxA On SM8xxA it’s possible, XML read outs are used twice. This example is based on 080Z0192 AK-PC 782AB Pack control v.3.7x and the parameter FLOWSWITCH.

Due to the visualization rules and the fact, the naming in different groups is identical, the customer has only a chance to find the correct value he is looking for, if he is using Service tool.

[Example based on FLOWSWITCH]

Looking into the ED3 file (or the SvD tool) the value looks duplicated.

1095, 0, 2, 5, 0, 355, 36,B,B, 1, 0, 1,-1, 0, R|Flowswitch|34

1102, 0, 2, 5, 0, 356, 36,B,B, 1, 0, 1,-1, 0, R|Flowswitch|37

The first one is using CID 355 and the second one 356.

Looking into Service tool on your computer, you can find the controller XML file.

Folder C:\ADAP-KOOL\ServiceTool\Data\cache

In there are all description files in folders. Important are the files: and

In this case take folder 080Z0192.

Open it, and use the folder for the used version (3.7 in this example)

Into that folder is a file called “” and inside of that is “device.xml”.

Open the file with an editor and you can see the usage for CID 355 and for 356.

<COMP name="pmpCtrlTapWater" className="C_PumpCtrl" cid="355">

<COMP name="pmpCtrlHeatConsumer" className="C_PumpCtrl" cid="356

Flowswitch with 355 is used for TAP water in this example.

Is there a workaround? No, except you compare the value you get from XML with the value you can see online in the AK-SM8xxA.

Please find the Operating Guide here

Modbus 2

This guide describes step by step how to configure Modbus to the AK-SM 800A.

Download the complete guide