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Thursday, June 14, 2018

LocalTapiola Real Estate Ltd, manages a property base valued at approximately 3 billion euro in different parts of Finland. The company is actively looking for interesting investment opportunities, offering its clients a possibility to invest in property both directly and indirectly through property funds.

The properties under LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management are typically new, on average no older than six years.

Being a responsible company, LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management has joined VAETS, an action program for the real estate energy efficiency agreement for rental properties. The aim of the program is to increase energy efficiency in rental properties. The ongoing energy efficiency agreement period is valid until 2025, before which time results must be obtained.

In the case of new property, increasing energy efficiency is a lot more difficult than in old one because new property has been built from the start using highly developed construction technologies and following the new building code.

We researched many alternatives to increase energy efficiency in our properties. Leanheat’s solution, based on developing heating control, proved cost-efficient, which is why we decided to start using it.

Leanheat’s solution was quick to deploy and did not require extensive technical changes. As soon as in a couple of months, we have seen results. In addition to peak power, we have also achieved energy savings.

Eero Kokkonen, Environmental Manager, ‎LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management
Eero Kokkonen

LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management participates in the VAETS program because it works for national energy savings goals. Increased energy efficiency even in new, well-built properties will additionally bring many direct benefits to all parties.

More even indoor climate increase resident satisfaction. Increased energy efficiency also cuts costs, which improves the yield for property investors

Eero Kokkonen

Thanks to their good experiences, LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management is planning to further expand the use of Leanheat’s solution. Continuous improvement of energy efficiency is a sustainable solution for the environment, residents and investors far into the future.

Leanheat® — For true energy optimization. From people to production.

Buildings account for a staggering 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption. And in Europe alone, almost a third of residential heating comes from fossil fuels.
Leanheat empowers district energy networks to optimize the operational efficiency of buildings and increase the comfort of end-users through end-to-end software solutions.