Study: Energy Consumption of Industrial-Size Refrigeration Systems

Wednesday, March 6, 2024
energy efficiency

Compare systems side-by-side

Learn how multiple industrial-size refrigeration systems stack up against each other. In this study, various system designs were analyzed to highlight each system's energy consumption.

A comprehensive comparison of industrial-size systems 

Dive into an in-depth analysis and comparison of energy consumption in common industrial-scale systems. This comprehensive study encompasses a wide range of system designs, ambient conditions, with each system undergoing testing in different sizes, utilizing both 'standard' and 'optimized' approaches. 

Results in this study were generated using simulation software in tandem with real-world climate data. 

System Studied:

Transcritical R744–direct expansion (DX)

Transcritical R744–pumped

Two-stage R717–pumped

R744/R717 cascade–pumped

Two-stage R507–pumped

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