Bem Brasil gains efficiency in potato freezing process by opting for a modern line of valves and controls

Friday, November 24, 2023

Bem Brasil sought equipment and technology solutions by Danfoss to obtain control of the refrigeration system.

»We searched the market for a supplier that could offer state-of-the-art technology, which at the same time would bring us safe and effective operational confidence, with technical assistance that was qualified and present whenever needed,«

commented Célio Zero, Chief Operating Officer of Bem Brasil Alimentos.


Bem Brasil Alimentos combines its experience in growing selected potatoes with a modern industrial production structure. One of its key differentiators is the guaranteed excellence of its products thanks to its industrial process. To maintain this mission, control of the refrigeration system plays a crucial role. That is why Bem Brasil sought equipment and technology solutions by Danfoss that were more modern and efficient.

For the liquid separators, the proportional feeding system was used, using:

  • ICM motorized expansion valves
  • AKS 4100 level transmitters
  • EKE 347 electric level controllers

The advantages of proportional feeding include the stable control of ammonia levels and reduced energy consumption of the compressors, as there are no abrupt increases in pressure.

In the valve stations, two types of technologies were used, having been chosen according to their refrigerating capacity.

  • For smaller-capacity tunnels:

 the concept of defrost control by condensate drainage was applied. ICF-type single-block valves were used with the ICFD module.

  • For stations with greater capacity:

the soft defrost concept was applied, which starts with an injection of hot gas limited to 15%, followed by a release of the total gas flow.

This provides more safety and allows users to expedite the process in the evaporator draining phase.

To complete these automatic defrosting systems, new EKE 400defrost controllers dedicated to each station were assembled and because the EKE 400 controllers are fixed to rails inside the electrical panels, the MMIGRS2 displays (remote HMI) were mounted on the panel door, concentrating several EKE 400 controllers and facilitating the monitoring of the entire system operation.

By using automatic valves and controls, which result in more efficient operating conditions, Bem Brasil achieved energy savings of approximately 12% when compared to conventional systems, in addition to safer operations.

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