Reliable valves for pressure relief

The relief valve is used for protecting the components of a system against overload as a result of a pressure peak. Further, the valve is designed for controlling/limiting the system pressure by draining off the surplus water from the pressure side. The valve is designed for tap water and ultra-pure water, i.e. without additives of any kind to the medium. The relief valves are used in several applications: fire fighting and humidification systems, etc.

Features and benefits

Corrosion resistant

Easy to clean

Built-in dampening chamber for stable pressure control

Improved pump and valve

Improved pump and valve

Learn more about our upgraded PAH pumps and VRH valves designed for water mist firefighting systems.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet - AI Pressure relief valve, type VRH 5, VRH 30, VRH 60 and VRH 120 English Multiple 14 Dec, 2018 564.2 KB .pdf

Product range

VRH valve

Flow range : 1-120 l/min, 0.26-31.7 gpm

Pressure range : 10-210 barg, 145-3,046 psig

VPH valve

Flow range: 0-20 l/min , 0-5.3 gpm

Pressure range: 10-210 barg,145-3,046 psig