AKVP – electric expansion valve for food retail applications

Electric expansion valve for food retail applications

The Danfoss AKVP electric expansion valve is ideal for use in food retail refrigeration solutions for safe and reliable operation. The AKVP embodies a number of advantages to ensure food safety and reduce operating expenses, both in terms of service and energy expense. 

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Features and benefits

Robustness with long life-time

System reliability with low leakage risk and solenoid tight closure when power is cut

Ease of service

System energy optimization (MSS, ALC), remote monitoring, fault detection, and adaptive defrosting when paired with the ADAP-KOOL® suite of electronic controllers

Reduced complexity, compatible with CO2 and HFC refrigerants

Soft Pulse operation

Introducing the AKVP Electric Expansion Valve

The new and improved AKVP with future-proof technology takes simplicity and safety to the next level. Together with the intelligent ADAP-KOOL® controllers, you get the market's most energy saving solution.

AKVP animation video

Learn more about the working principle of the new AKVP electric expansion valve and get an overview of key functionalities such as: soft-pulse technology, minimum stable superheat (MSS) algorithm, fault detection and adaptive defrost.


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