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One system – one task

Control the room temperatures in your house or flat via an app on your smartphone. You can extend the Danfoss Link™ system at any time. All products coordinate with each other to ensure perfect comfort and cosiness in your home. Danfoss Link™, gives you full control of your home heating – whether radiators or floor heating – anywhere, anytime.

Danfoss Link™ Smart Heating family consists of several products that coordinate with each other to ensure perfect comfort and coziness in your home:

  • Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller regulates room temperatures throughout the house
  • Danfoss Link Connect™ Thermostat enables easy control of each individual radiator
  • Danfoss Icon™ Room Thermostat measures and regulates ambient temperature in particular room
  • Danfoss Link™ FT Floor Thermostat regulates electrical underfloor heating
  • Danfoss Link™ HC Hydronic Controller – regulates hydronic underfloor heating systems
  • Danfoss Link™ RU Repeater Unit signal booster extends radio range between the Central Controller, Radiator Thermostats and other components

Features and benefits

Comfortable home heating control via smartphone Link™ App from anywhere

Central control of room temperatures

Energy-efficient heating system with up to 30% savings

Follows your daily schedule with different heating modes: Vacation mode, Away mode, Pause heating mode

Introducing the possibilities with the home heating of tomorrow.

Working from home or home early. Living room temperature: 21°C. The new Danfoss Link™ App enables you to control your home heating from anywhere. living by Danfoss is the only system that lets you effortlessly control both electronic radiator thermostats and floor heating.

Product range

  • Danfoss Link™ central controller

    Danfoss Link™ Central Controller is the centrally placed main unit for controlling of indoor climate throughout the house. It can be used in detached single-family homes of less than 300m2 with a maximum of 30 connect thermostats per one controller.

  • Danfoss Icon™ room thermostat
    Danfoss Icon™ room thermostat

    Danfoss Icon™ Room Thermostat is an electronic sensor for measuring room temperature in a particular room.

  • Danfoss Link™ floor thermostat

    Danfoss Link™ Floor Thermostat for electrical floor heating switches the heating on and off. Optionally equipped with a sensor to easily and accurately measure floor temperature

  • Danfoss Link™ hydronic controller

    The Danfoss Link™ hydronic controller controls hydronic floor heating systems. The system offers a wide range of extended functionalities for optimal comfort and energy saving with individual room temperature control.

  • Danfoss Link™ accessories

    Various accessories for the Danfoss Link™ system: repeater unit, adapters, boiler relay and others

Case studies

  • Danfoss Link™ app in a single-family house, Aarhus, Denmark

    Remote temperature control makes home heating easier and cheaper. The house in the quiet lane is the perfect place for an active couple like Kurt and Elly. And it became even more comfortable after installing the new Danfoss Link™ App. Kurt and Elly gained the freedom to control the temperature inside every room of their home – even while they are away on one of their regular skiing trips.


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Are you looking for specific product information?

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