SEM-SAFE® low-pressure CO2 system for fire safety

The SEM-SAFE® low-pressure CO2 systems are intended for use where large machinery spaces and cargo spaces require fire protection with carbon dioxide. The advantage of the SEM-SAFE® low-pressure CO2 system is that one single tanke replaces a large number of CO2 cylinders with an approximate saving of 50% in weight.  

The tank, main valves, distribution valves, refrigerators, and associated controls are supplied pre-wired and ready assembled on a common steel frame.

The quantity of carbon dioxide is shown directly by an electronic gauge indicating the actual tons of CO2 in the tank. The gauge unit is fitted with alarm contacts for warning at low CO2 contents in the tank. Recharging after use is made directly from a truck.
For large vessels the installation cost of a low-pressure CO2 system is considerably lower compared to the installation costs of a high-pressure CO2 system. The system is designed to meet the requirements of the appropriate classification societies to which the vessel is being built.

Schematic diagram and main components

SEM-SAFE® low-pressure CO2 tank
The tank is constructed as a steel pressure vessel in accordance with the classification society requirements. The tank is equipped with two safety valves, which are fitted to a three way changeover valve, thus one safety valve is connected to the vessel if the other one is out of operation. The tank unit is supplied complete and ready for use, installed on a rectangular steel framework and held in position by thermally insulated supports. The tank is insulated with non-flammable polyurethane foam protected by
an aluminium cover.

Quality assurance

Danfoss Fire Safety HSE&Q system is in accordance with DS/EN ISO 9001:2008, DS/EN 14001:2004, and DS/OHSAS 18001:2008 and is certified by DNV.